Most furniture makers would welcome a few more chisels, planes, and clamps, and possibly a wider jointer, but there is a critical mass of tools that allows you to get woodworking done in an efficient way. When is it time to stop buying and start building? Editor Asa Christiana makes a case for his list of essential tools with two goals in mind. One is to provide beginning woodworkers with a shopping list for this lifelong hobby. Two is to reassure veterans that they may already have the tools they need to make beautiful projects.

On the list: tablesaw, 8-in. jointer, 14- or 15-in. bandsaw, drill press, miter saw, planer, dust collector, router kit and small detail router, cordless drill/driver, random-orbit sander, belt sander, circular saw, biscuit joiner, shop vacuum, three handplanes, dovetail saw, cabinet scraper, and chisels.

From Fine Woodworking #188