Stacking lumber horizontally on a wall rack is by far the most often-used way to store wood, according to the results of a poll on Knots, the user forum on FineWoodworking.Com. A total of 949 people voted in the poll, which ended on Oct. 24.

And before you think that Knots users are a very organized lot, note that the second most-popular choice for lumber storage was, "anywhere I can find space." The graph below breaks down the responses.

Lumber storage

Several of the respondents who posted detailed replies had numerous ways  to store lumber. Here's a selection:

"I built the 'Paul Anthony' style plywood stands onto which I can stack an enormous amount of wood . . . .I built a 'Norm' style shop helper cart with four shelves . . . .When I run out of room, I grab two of my sawhorses and just stack it up."

"Horizontal wall rack that, when full, leads to vertical against the wall. When I run out of wall space, anywhere I can put it without tripping over it."

"I store it at the lumber store."

"I use the wall rack for short-term storage and a loft for long-term stickered storage and anything that is too much for the wall rack."

The poll is a an unscientific (but, we hope, entertaining) part of FineWoodworking.Com. There's a new poll posted on the home page.