After building a disc sander and getting so much use out of it, I decided to build a lathe I've wanted for a long time but have been unable to afford. As most of my turnings are bowls and I do not have room in my shop to keep a full lathe, I designed a large bowl lathe that can be expanded into a bed lathe. It has a 17-in. swing inboard, a 74-in. swing outboard and a 48-in. span between centers. As with the disc sander, the motor is poisitioned low, contributing to the stability of the machine, and it is enclosed in a cabinet to protect it from shavings and dust. A door allows access for easy speed changes, and the cabinet can be used to store tools or hold sandbags for ballast. The motor platform slides back and forth on the shaft that supports it, so that by using two four-step pulleys, 16 speeds are possible.