This jig converts a 14-in. or bigger bandsaw into a miniature sawmill. (Click to enlarge the drawing.)

It’s made by mounting a 3-ft.-long pipe clamp to a 2-ft.-long maple bracket. To allow lateral adjustment, slot the bottom of the bracket and fasten it to the base with bolts and wing nuts. A maple track glued to the bottom of the base slides in the miter-gauge slot of the saw table. When making the carriage, make sure the jaws of the clamp clear the bandsaw blade with the bracket at its closest setting.

To use the carriage, tighten the log in the clamp, adjust the bracket for the width of cut, and feed the log past the blade.

The jig, submitted by E.G. Lincoln of Parsippany, N.J., originally ran as a Methods of Work tip in FWW #84. It was highlighted in Dry Your Own Lumber (FWW #204) and Orchard Woods (FWW #115).