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A workbench is essentially a table fitted with various holding devices, such as benchstops and vises, made sufficiently strong and massive to be used for a variety of woodworking operations. The modern workbench derives from two separate pieces: a table
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  • Knock-Down Workbench Holds Two Tool ChestsTip: Knock-Down Workbench Holds Two Tool Chests

    by John Caverly

  • Modular Workbench Increases CapacityTip: Modular Workbench Increases Capacity

    by Richard Ross

  • A Benchtop BenchA Benchtop Bench

    by Jeff Miller

    For routing and handwork, this minibench raises the action to a comfortable height

  • The Bench You Love to LoveThe Bench You Love to Love

    by David Heim

    Here's a roundup of the plans, revised plans, blogs, and Knots entries about a remarkably versatile workbench

  • New-Fangled Workbench, RevisitedVideo: New-Fangled Workbench, Revisited

    with John White

    Take a look at this well-engineered workbench that's as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife.

  • Flattening a Workbench TopTip: Flattening a Workbench Top

    by Herb Hunter

  • Installing a Cast-Iron ViseInstalling a Cast-Iron Vise

    by Tom Begnal

    A cast-iron vise is a staple in any workshop, but if your shop lacks a good bench-mounted vise one can be installed without much fuss. In this article Fine Woodworking ...

  • Low Assembly BenchLow Assembly Bench

    by Bill Nyberg

    Amateur woodworker Bill Nyberg built a low platform bench that suits his sore back and the way he works. His bench is made for clamping; the edges overhang, and ...

  • Carving BenchesCarving Benches

    by E. D. Lyman

    Few carvers are satisfied with commercially available benches, so they either customize store-bought models or start from scratch and build specialized benches ...

  • Work BenchWork Bench

    by Tage Frid

    After teaching in a U.S. school for a few months, Tage Frid decided the workbench he wanted did not exist in this country, so he designed a workbench like the one ...

  • The Not-So-Big WorkbenchThe Not-So-Big Workbench

    Learn how to build a moderately-sized cabinetmaker's workbench that doubles as a tool storage center

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