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Shop Layout and Design

Typically a woodworking shop starts in a corner of the garage or basement. Then over time you add tools, develop new skills, expand the shop and change the layout. And at some point over this evolution you may be lucky enough to design a new shop from
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  • Bring Your Shop into the HouseBring Your Shop into the House

    by Marshall Fletcher

    Marshall Fletcher has one gripe about all the different shops he has lived with through the years. No matter how much work he put into them or how beautiful they ...

  • Freestanding Dream ShopFreestanding Dream Shop

    by Elia Bizzarri

    Eliz Bizzarri's freestanding shop has everything he wants, plus can be converted to a garage if future owners don't need it for woodworking. The front wall is framed ...

  • Tools Drive the DesignTools Drive the Design

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Jim Tolpin's 18-by-11 shop is divided into workstations specifically devoted to hand tool woodworking—planing and boring on one bench, fine joinery on another, ...

  • Color-coded electrical outletsColor-coded electrical outlets

    byDyami Plotke

  • Put a Shop in a ShedPut a Shop in a Shed

    by Ken St. Onge

    No room in the garage? Basement not an option? Consider what Ken St. Onge did when he needed shop space: He bought a prefabricated shed and converted it into his ...

  • How to Make Better Use of Your Shop SpaceHow to Make Better Use of Your Shop Space

    by Asa Christiana

    Workshops come in almost as many sizes and shapes as the woodworkers who use them, yet they all have this in common—their layout matters, a lot. If you have to ...

  • Make Better Use of Your Shop Space: A Spare RoomMake Better Use of Your Shop Space: A Spare Room

    by Asa Christiana

    In the smallest spaces, pick your compromises

  • Smart Shop StorageEditors PickSmart Shop Storage

    by John White

    Is your workshop awash in tools, lumber, and clutter you've collected over the years? Help keep it at bay and have a more organized shop with this collection of ...

  • Efficient Glue-Ups with a Rolling Clamp RackTip: Efficient Glue-Ups with a Rolling Clamp Rack

    by John Barrett

  • Ultimate One-Man ShopUltimate One-Man Shop

    by Philip Houck

    Philip Houck spent a year designing a shop that is easy to heat, with plenty of light and an open floor plan. Beefed-up framing, extra insulation, and an under-floor ...

  • Tour Nick Offerman's WorkshopVideo: Tour Nick Offerman's Workshop

    with Asa Christiana

    NBC sitcom star Nick Offerman cooks up beautiful slab tables out of a workshop that's sure to make you slobber

  • Think Your Shop is Small? Think againThink Your Shop is Small? Think again

    by Stellos L.A. Stavrinides

    Space comes at a premium on the island of Cyprus, where woodworker Stelios Stavrinides lives. So he designed a movable shop that fits in a 5-ft. by 5-ft. storage ...

  • Turn Your Garage Into a Real WorkshopTurn Your Garage Into a Real Workshop

    by Michael Pekovich

    Michael Pekovich set out to turn a dark, damp, cold garage into a warm, four-season workspace. With its drafty doors and concrete floor, Pekovich’s uninsulated ...

  • Fire Safety in the ShopFire Safety in the Shop

    by Bruce Ryden

    How to prevent, detect, and put out fires

  • 3 Paths to a Stand-Alone Shop3 Paths to a Stand-Alone Shop

    by Matt Kenney

    Anatole Burkin bought a house with a detached garage so he could dedicate the space to woodworking. Greg Paolini built a new two-car garage to house his shop, knowing ...

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