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Lumber Storage

If there is a universal problem in the woodworking shop, it is the storage of lumber. To work efficiently, you need a good inventory of solid wood and sheet goods. Your inventory of solid wood and sheet goods needs to be stored compactly and efficiently
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  • Four Ways to Get OrganizedFour Ways to Get Organized

    by Joe Johns

    A snapshots of four woodworkers' spaces show unique and innovative ways to organize your shop. From elegant cabinets that were rescued from the kitchen to movable ...

  • Stack and Saw Lumber on the Same RackStack and Saw Lumber on the Same Rack

    by Chris Gochnour

    Efficient use of shop space was a priority for this author, so he designed a combination crosscutting table and lumber rack. The framework is lag-bolted to the ...

  • Tying Down LumberTying Down Lumber

    by Gary Williams

    There are tricks to keeping lumber from taking flight when transporting it from the lumberyard, and most of them are simple, writes Gary Williams. In this article, ...

  • Three Ways to Rack LumberThree Ways to Rack Lumber

    by Matthew Teague

    Matthew Teague of Fine Woodworking tackles lumber storage – finding the balance between keeping lumber out of the way but close at hand in as small an area as possible. ...

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