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Heating Cooling and Ventilation

There are big differences between a woodworking shop and just another room in the house. Yes, the creature comforts of heating and cooling are important in a shop, but a shop is often used on a different schedule and in different ways than a room in a
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  • Passive Solar ShopPassive Solar Shop

    by Steve Chant

    Use seasonal sun angles to lower your heating and air-conditioning costs

  • Heating Your ShopHeating Your Shop

    by Andy Engel

    Whether your shop is located in an attached garage, basement, or outbuilding, keeping it warm during the winter months is important for woodworkers in most regions. ...

  • All About Workshop SystemsAll About Workshop Systems

    by Jim Richey

  • A Low-Cost Spray BoothA Low-Cost Spray Booth

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Jeff Jewitt explains how to build a knock-down booth for high-volume, low-pressure spray equipment that will safely ventilate your workspace. A knockdown booth ...

  • Shop Heating ChoicesShop Heating Choices

    by Ken Textor

    The day Ken Textor picked up some #6 screws in his unheated shop and they stuck to his ungloved fingers, he began investigating heating options seriously. He decided ...

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