In this second in a two-part series on making a Windsor rocking chair, most of the hard work is done. What remains is the fun stuff. In part one (FWW #218), we steam-bent the back posts, the spindles, and the crest rail. These parts remain rough-turned or shaped but the back post tenons have been finish-turned and fitted to the seat. Then we sculpted the seat, and drilled and reamed the tapered holes in it. We also turned the legs and stretchers, cut slots for the rockers, and then glued and wedged the legs into the seat. The only major parts still to be made are the two arms made from blanks with matching grain, and the rockers, which are cut from quartersawn stock.

From Fine Woodworking #219

To learn how to ream Windsor chair mortises, check out this video.

Windsor Rocker Without Special Tools: Part 1.


Digital plans, a cutlist, and a SketchUp drawing for this project are available in the Fine Woodworking store.


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