Clean lines and honest joinery draw woodworkers to the Arts and Crafts style. Browse our collection of projects and accompanying videos below.

When it's time to apply a finish, there are a variety of options: fuming with ammonia, Nancy Hiller’s five-step formula, or Jeff Jewitt’s recipe using pigment stains and dyes. For general information on the style, read Quintessential Arts and Crafts.

Arts and Crafts Book Shelf

A Classic Case
Floating-tenon joinery and curly cherry update a traditional Arts and Crafts design
by Gregory Paolini

Arts and Crafts Side Table

Arts and Crafts Side Table
Versatile design is quick to build, but rewards precise joinery
by Kelly J. Dunton

Finish recipe: Fumed Finish
Video: Fuming With Ammonia

Arts and Crafts Book Rack

A Portable Book Rack
Use a router template for perfect results
by Gregory Paolini

Video extra: Cut Through-Mortises with a Router 

Arts and Crafts Side Chair  

Arts and Crafts Side Chair
With templates for curves and joinery, you can make a roomful of chairs
by Kevin Rodel

Video extra: Making an Arts and Crafts Chair

Arts and Crafts Coffee Table

Coffee Table Puts Joinery on Display
Harmonious details will work in tables of many sizes
by Kevin Rodel


Arts and Crafts Wall Shelf

Arts & Crafts Wall Shelf
Hollow, quartersawn columns and traditional inlay elevate an easy project
by Nancy R. Hiller

Finish recipe: Original Arts and Crafts Finish

Craftsman-Style Kitchen

A Woodworker's Kitchen
Save money and show off your craftsmanship
by Scott Gibson

Video extra: Touring a Woodworker's Kitchen

Greene and Greene Style Table

Build a Greene and Greene Side Table
Pinned and plugged joints add beauty and strength
by Gary Rogowski

Arts and Crafts Morris Chair Craftsman-Style Comfort in a Morris Chair
Mortise-and-tenon joinery looks good and makes it last
by Gene Lehnert
Arts and Crafts-Style Bed Arts and Crafts Bed
Router templates help create smooth curves and tight joinery
by Gary Rogowski