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Tombstone Doors

Combine machine work and handwork to create arched panel doors with 18th-century style


This guide to creating tombstone doors with a mix of hand and power tools is a quintessential lesson for any woodworker aiming to build furniture in the 18th-century style. Author Lonnie Bird illustrates the process as he builds doors for a reproduction Pennsylvania secretary. Find out how to create a flawless thumbnail edge with a router and a chisel, and a safe way to cut the raised panel on a router table. Also find detailed project plans for two standard-size tombstone doors; one for the upper case of the secretary, and one for the small prospect-box inside the desk gallery.

Lonnie Bird  is an author and woodworking instructor. Visit him online at  www.lonniebird.com .

From Fine Woodworking #156

From Fine Woodworking #156, pp. 74

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