Results of the most recent poll on Knots, the user forum on Fine, show that built-in cabinetry, workbenches, bookcases, and shop storage top the list of upcoming projects. Built-ins came in first by a narrow margin, with 15 percent of the 841 votes cast. The table below gives the results for the top five choices.

In addition to the choices shown in the table, the poll offered 10 other choices: Chest of drawers, chair, bench, box, dining table, coffee table, end table, bed, and break front. None of those earned more than 8 percent of the vote. Breakfront was the least favorite choice, with only 3 votes.

The "other" category includes a range of projects, such as these:

"A bedroom closet with cabinets based on the Greene and Greene Bolton House."

"A jewelry display stand."

"Robert Treanor's version of a Benjamin Youngs tall clock."

"A 6-ft. CD storage unit, full length doors with storage as well. I'm aiming to hold 1500 CDs."

"French country campaign desk."

"A rocking chair for my new daughter in law."

The poll is an unscientific (but, we hope entertaining) part of Knots. There's a new poll posted on the home page.