Woodworkers who plan to make holiday gifts in their shops are mainly planning to make something for the house, according to a recent poll on Knots, the online forum at FineWoodworking.Com. Shopmade gifts for the spouse came in a distant second.

The results also seems to show a Scrooge-like streak in the respondents. Sixty said they would spend the holidays cleaning the shop--but only 44 said they would make wooden toys for the kids. Partying came in dead last. The graph gives the results.

Several respondents give us a hint of what projects might emerge from their shops during the holidays. Here's a sampling:

"I plan to replace all my furniture in my room with the stuff I built. So, bureaus, a desk, bed, TV stand."

"I'm, working on 11 bandsawn boxes, each with a different wood."

"A mahogany music stand for my father in law, who teaches and plays music."

"A commission from my wife to build a full-length dressing mirror. 'No rush,' she said, 'as long as I get it by next week.'"

"A guitar for my son. I made one for myself this summer."

"Making a bunch of oval Shaker boxes for my ladies for Christmas--two daughters, one daughter in law, and a granddaughter. My grandson gets a little tool box tote. My son and son in law get a handshake. I already gave them some serious good tools and they just gather dust."

A total of 369 people voted in the poll, which closed on Nov. 6. The poll is an unscientific (but, we hope, entertaining part of FineWoodworking.Com. There's a new poll on the home page. The links below will take you to articles about projects that make good gifts.