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Making a Cutlist

A chart that details the parts for your project will prevent the inconvenience of not buying enough material and the expense of buying too much


Generating a good cutlist for a woodworking project takes some work, but will save you frustration. In this article, veteran furniture maker Philip C. Lowe explains how to make the most of a cutlist and shares his process. He works backwards from his project drawing, listing the name and quantity of each part, the rough and finished dimensions, and the wood to be used. Lowe explains how to calculate board feet to estimate cost. Then when you go to the lumberyard, cutlist in hand, you'll be able to use it to ensure that you get what you need for your project.


Download a Free Printable Cutlist
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How it works: Use our simple spreadsheet to keep track of every part of a woodworking project, and to tally your board-footage before your trip to the lumberyard. Columns included track number of parts, rough and finished dimensions, and notes for milling.

 printable cutlist

From Fine Woodworking #176

From Fine Woodworking #176, pp. 90

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