This chair, with its large, square legs and wide arms of quartersawn white oak, says "Craftsman" with every feature. It should, since it was based on a design by Gustav Stickley. The bowed arms and reclining back add comfort and style, yet the construction is not difficult. The two greatest challenges are making the bowed arms and cutting the mortise-and-tenon joinery in the curved parts. Woodworker Greg Paolini takes you through the construction step by step, adding tips for cutting accurate joints, laminating the arms, assembling the base, cutting the joinery and shaping the curved back slats, creating a seat-cushion frame, and finishing.

Watch Paolini demonstrate how to build the chair, step by step, in a 12-part video workshop.


A full-size plan created by Brian Murphy of American Furniture Design is available in the Fine Woodworking store.


Woodworking Plans

From Fine Woodworking #205