Although this cherry bookcase wouldn't be out of place in a 1902 Stickley catalog, it's made with nontraditional joinery and material. Gregory Paolini offers plans and instructions for this quick and approachable project using floating tenons and router-cut mortises. For a lighter Arts and Crafts look, the material is cherry. The back is of shiplapped cherry, resawn from 4/4 stock. The sides, also resawn cherry, are bookmatched. The shelves are all removable, and the case is stabilized by adjustable levelers so it can safely hold a full load of books. Paolini takes readers through the design and construction of a classic case that is sure to be tomorrow's heirloom.

From Fine Woodworking #179


CAD-drawn plans and a cutlist for this project are available in the Fine Woodworking store.


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