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A workbench is essentially a table fitted with various holding devices, such as benchstops and vises, made sufficiently strong and massive to be used for a variety of woodworking operations. The modern workbench derives from two separate pieces: a table
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  • Modified Roubo is the Ultimate WorkbenchEditors PickModified Roubo is the Ultimate Workbench

    by Jeff Miller

    When Jeff Miller built a small bench about a year ago to test two new vises from BenchCrafted, he little realized he would love the vises so much he'd soon be building ...

  • Build Your First WorkbenchBuild Your First Workbench

    by Bob Van Dyke

    A workbench with an end vise and front vise is easily the most important tool in your shop, one that you use on every project. If you don’t already have one, or ...

  • Pivoting Plywood CartPivoting Plywood Cart

    by Michael Puryear

    This panel cart acts like a shop assistant, ending the solo woodworker's struggle with wrestling sheet goods around the shop. Simply load 4x8 sheets on the panel ...

  • The Wired WorkbenchThe Wired Workbench

    by John White

    When the editors of FWW decided to build a bench designed for power tools, they had to throw out much of what they'd always felt a typical workbench should be. ...

  • Space-Saving Router TableSpace-Saving Router Table

    by John White

    If you want your tablesaw to serve double-duty as a router table, check out this space-saving version first. It solves the problems of a too-short rip fence, dust ...

  • A Workbench 30 Years in the MakingA Workbench 30 Years in the Making

    by Garrett Hack

    There is 30 years of woodworking experience built into this bench, with its large top, solid base, and multiple ways to hold work. That's because Garrett Hack has ...

  • Trestle Legs are Best for WorkbenchQ & A: Trestle Legs are Best for Workbench

    by Matt Kenney

  • Answers to New-Fangled Workbench QuestionsAnswers to New-Fangled Workbench Questions

    by John White

    More details on lumber selection, sources of supply, finishing options, John White and community members answer questions about this popular workbench design

  • What Makes My Bench WorkVideo: What Makes My Bench Work

    with Garrett Hack

    A video tour of a workbench that was 30 years in the making

  • Tune Up Your WorkbenchTune Up Your Workbench

    by Richard L. Humphreville

    Your workbench is one of the most important tools in the shop, and it takes a terrific beating. After all, it serves as a platform for sawing, planing, chiseling, ...

  • Forget What You Know About WorkbenchesForget What You Know About Workbenches

    by Josh Finn

    Josh Finn's workbench is a model of versatility. It features two long, narrow torsion-box beams with Homasote tops and melamine bottoms. The beams rest on two wide ...

  • The Best WorkbenchesThe Best Workbenches

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    We have more than two dozen articles and videos about workbenches, including full project plans.

  • Rock-Solid Plywood BenchRock-Solid Plywood Bench

    by Cecil Braeden

    Build this simple but versatile workbench in a weekend for less than $250. And you don't need a jointer or planer.

  • Build a Torsion Box Assembly TableVideo: Build a Torsion Box Assembly Table

    with Marc Spagnuolo

    Build a torsion box for a flat and rigid workshop tabletop

  • Dead-Flat Assembly TableVideo: Dead-Flat Assembly Table

    with Marc Spagnuolo

    Build a sturdy base with plenty of storage and find tips for installing full-extension drawer slides

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