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Although there are innumerable uses for tables, they all share one thing in common: a surface, typically flat and horizontal, that may be used for working on or eating from. Beyond this there are probably more kinds of tables than there are types of any
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  • Bedside TableBedside Table

    by Garrett Hack

    This is a sweet little project that is not only fun to make, but is also packed with challenges and lessons on creating strong joinery in delicate parts. It has ...

  • How to Build a NightstandHow to Build a Nightstand

    by Michael Cullen

    With its convenient shelf, drawer, and lower storage space, this nightstand is perfect for those who like to keep a lot of reading material next to the bed. The ...

  • Federal Details Transform a Simple TableFederal Details Transform a Simple Table

    by Steve Latta

    A Federal piece doesn’t have to be big or complicated to stand out. Combining details in a smart way can enliven even the simplest form. Without the banding on ...

  • Make a Table from a BoardMake a Table from a Board

    by Michael Pekovich

    There's more to making a beautiful piece of furniture than choosing a good design. As much effort needs to go into choosing the right wood, and using it successfully. ...

  • Stylish Coffee Table with Sleek LinesStylish Coffee Table with Sleek Lines

    by Jacques Breau

    This coffee table draws design inspiration from the Danish mid-century period. Its floating top, pencil-roll edge and angled legs add pizzazz. The use of floating ...

  • Scandinavian Kitchen TableScandinavian Kitchen Table

    by Mario Rodriguez

    This simple and unpretentious table is designed to be used, and the unusual construction makes it robust enough for the most avid home cook. Dispensing with typical ...

  • Shaker Side TableShaker Side Table

    by Christian Becksvoort

    The Shakers designed and built a variety of beautiful round stands, but this one is the ultimate. Its slightly concave tapering post, thin top, and light, half-crescent ...

  • Build a Louisiana Creole TableBuild a Louisiana Creole Table

    by Greg Arceneaux

    This table, a close reproduction of an original built around 1800, is a wonderful example of Louisiana Creole style. The legs are cabriole and the bottom edge of ...

  • Hall Table with FlairHall Table with Flair

    by Jennifer Anderson

    The legs on this table were designed with a pronounced taper to be wider at the top, echoing the shape of the calla lillies that grow wild on the California coast ...

  • A Trestle Table with Modern AppealA Trestle Table with Modern Appeal

    by Daniel Chaffin

    This trestle table combines a classic design with modern details in a way that will fit into almost any home. The base is held together with mortise-and-tenon joints ...

  • Triangle Side TableTriangle Side Table

    by Raymond Finan

    Inspired by the Art Deco and mid-century modern styles, this elegant and useful side table is both distinctive in its design and straightforward to make. The curved-sided, ...

  • Float the TopFloat the Top

    by Tim Rousseau

    This elegant hall table features graceful curves and exposed joinery with a distinctly Eastern flair. Building this seemingly simple design hinges on a variety ...

  • Shaker-Inspired Hall TableShaker-Inspired Hall Table

    by Christian Becksvoort

    No matter where you put this table, it looks good and it fits in. The design is sturdy but looks light and attractive, thanks in large part to the splay of the ...

  • Build a Hayrake TableBuild a Hayrake Table

    by Michael Pekovich

    The heart of this rustic table is its hayrake-shaped stretcher system inspired by English Arts and Crafts designer Sidney Barnsley. The quartersawn white oak project ...

  • A Study in SquaresA Study in Squares

    by Kevin Rodel

    This simple yet strong gridwork side table has a number of interesting twists. The legs are cuffed, and have a reverse taper on the two outer faces, moving from ...

  • Finest Way to Expand a TableFinest Way to Expand a Table

    by Michael C. Fortune

    The butterfly table is without doubt the coolest of expanding table designs. Its hinged leaf lies under the tabletop and swings up and open, coming to rest fully ...

  • Garry Bennett’s Un-Trestle TableGarry Bennett’s Un-Trestle Table

    by Asa Christiana

    Garry Bennett has built many versions of his trestle table in materials ranging from wood to steel and aluminum, and together they offer a window into the furniture ...

  • Dining Table with Two-Way DrawersDining Table with Two-Way Drawers

    by Stephen Hammer

    Double-fronted drawers, accessible from either side, make this dining table a storage powerhouse. Upper and lower drawer stretchers with drawer dividers solidly ...

  • Limbert-Style Coffee Table Project PlanLimbert-Style Coffee Table Project Plan

    by Gregory Paolini

    An elliptical top, arched legs, and decorative piercings add grace and beauty to this Craftsman-style table modeled after a library table by Charles Limbert. This ...

  • The Versatile Trestle Table project plansThe Versatile Trestle Table project plans

    by Gary Rogowski

    With a simple form that allows many variations, the trestle table can look contemporary or classic. The trestles, the stretcher that joins them, even the top, all ...

  • A Graceful Hall TableA Graceful Hall Table

    by Kevin Kauffunger

    This Edward Barnsley-inspired table incorporates many of that designer's trademark elements. In the course of building the table, Kevin Kauffunger demonstrates ...

  • The Contemporary CabrioleThe Contemporary Cabriole

    by Jonathan Binzen

    The cabriole leg has been produced by furniture makers in thousands of variations since its heyday in the 18th century. This collection shows how the furniture ...

  • Shaker Classic, 2 WaysShaker Classic, 2 Ways

    by Christian Becksvoort

    These two Shaker tables are of basically the same design, with one major difference. The simple decision of whether to make tapered square legs or turned ones alters ...

  • Build a Bow-Front Hall TableBuild a Bow-Front Hall Table

    by Charles Durfee

    Making a curved-front table isn't as hard as it seems, especially with Charles Durfee's tips and techniques. He uses simple jigs to crosscut the curved front apron ...

  • Finishing a Very Large TableFinishing a Very Large Table

    by Peter Gedrys

    Watch how master finisher Peter Gedrys plans and completes a finish on a veneered dining table that seats eight

  • Video Workshop GuideVideo Workshop Guide

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Watch our experts build a piece of furniture step by step on video and download a detailed project plan so you can build along.

  • Side Table with a TwistSide Table with a Twist

    by Chris Gochnour

    This drop-leaf table is based on an early English piece, but Chris Gochnour has given his design a distinctly American Arts and Crafts look. When the leaves are ...

  • Project Ideabook: Tables Large and SmallProject Ideabook: Tables Large and Small

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Check this sampling of six projects by leading woodworkers: Read the step-by-step instructions and order complete project plans.

  • Add a Shelf to a TableAdd a Shelf to a Table

    by Peter Turner

    When is a table more than a table? When you add a wooden shelf. A shelf adds a layer of storage and immediately makes a table more useful. And, as Peter Turner ...

  • Tables from the Irion CommissionTables from the Irion Commission

    by Jonathan Binzen

    A slideshow gallery of more work from the extensive commission that reproduced 90 pieces of classic American furniture

  • Best Outdoor Furniture ProjectsBest Outdoor Furniture Projects

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Perfect for the summer: A quartet of designs for classic outdoor furniture from the Fine Woodworking archives

  • Shaker Dining TableShaker Dining Table

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Based on a piece built at the Shaker community in Hancock, Mass., this table has been sized to meet the demands of today’s diners. Bed bolts used in construction ...

  • A Butterfly Expansion TableA Butterfly Expansion Table

    by Paul Schürch

    Self-storing leaf hides under top

  • Build a Round TableVideo: Build a Round Table

    with Gary Rogowski

    Watch the complete construction process on video and download the plan in our first-ever video workshop

  • Porringer-Top Tea TablePorringer-Top Tea Table

    by Dan Faia

    Tea tables, popular for afternoon tea during the mid-1800s, make great end tables or occasional tables today. With its rounded, soup-bowl-shaped corners, this piece ...

  • The Right Edge for Your TabletopThe Right Edge for Your Tabletop

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack spends a lot of time designing edges that add to the look of his tabletops. Not only must the edge of a table be tough enough to endure the bumps and ...

  • An Expandable TableAn Expandable Table

    by William Krase

    Explore one smart method for making a dining table expand in this downloadable excerpt from the book "Furniture"

  • Federal Demilune Card TableFederal Demilune Card Table

    by Steve Latta

    It takes both traditional and modern techniques to build Steve Latta's demilune card table, a design that dates to the early years of American independence. This ...

  • Arts and Crafts Side TableArts and Crafts Side Table

    by Kelly J. Dunton

    Inspired by the designs of Gustav Stickley, this small table is made from quartersawn white oak, fumed to an authentic Arts and Crafts finish. Pegged through-tenons ...

  • Plan Download: Arts and Crafts Side TablePlan Download: Arts and Crafts Side Table

    by Kelly J. Dunton

    Download the full-size plans to build this white oak, craftsman-era side table

  • An Exercise in DesignAn Exercise in Design

    by Mark Schofield

    Given the same basic inspiration, how would three decidedly different woodworkers come up with a design for an arched-leg table? Fine Woodworking senior editor ...

  • Exploring the Design ProcessVideo: Exploring the Design Process

    with Wayne Marcoux

    A furniture maker shares his process for taking a design from concept to finished piece

  • Durable Outdoor TableDurable Outdoor Table

    by David Bedrosian

    David Bedrosian made this outdoor table from ipé to match the deck outside his home and because he likes the Brazilian hardwood's rich color, dimensional stability, ...

  • Keeping Tabletops FlatKeeping Tabletops Flat

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Any well-made solid table will have a flat top when new. But how do you keep that top from warping with seasonal changes in humidity? Contributing editor Christian ...

  • Coffee Table in MahoganyCoffee Table in Mahogany

    by Mario Rodriguez

    This mahogany coffee table is modeled after the modern solid-wood Scandinavian furniture of the 1950s. The thin top appears to hover above two muscular arching ...

  • Making a Dining Table ExpandMaking a Dining Table Expand

    by Jeff Miller

    An extension table is a great space saver: From day to day, it seats a few people and takes up little space. When company comes, just slide the two halves apart ...

  • A Short History of TablesA Short History of Tables

    by Graham Blackburn

  • Coffee Table Puts Joinery on DisplayCoffee Table Puts Joinery on Display

    by Kevin Rodel

    Arts and Craft style is noteworthy for taking joinery -- the product of the craftsman's hand -- and elevating it to the level of artistic decoration. In this article, ...

  • Table DesignTable Design

    by Graham Blackburn

    The best designed tables combine basic ergonomics and proper dimensions with style. As Graham Blackburn describes, choosing a table design means paying attention ...

  • Curved Stretcher Adds Grace and LegroomCurved Stretcher Adds Grace and Legroom

    by Mark Edmundson

    Furniture maker Mark Edmundson explains how to make a bent-laminated curved stretcher that can lend graceful lines as well as ample legroom to a table or desk. ...

  • Pedestal TablePedestal Table

    by John Zeitoun

    This reproduction of a 160-year-old French Regency pedestal table has many interesting details, not to mention a few challenges. Crafted of walnut, each piece is ...

  • Tilt-Top TableTilt-Top Table

    by Mario Rodriguez

    This mahogany Federal tilt-top table is the perfect project for intermediate-level woodworkers. It’s neat and compact with only a few parts, and the construction ...

  • Build a Greene and Greene Side TableBuild a Greene and Greene Side Table

    by Gary Rogowski

    Woodworker Gary Rogowski shares plans for a simple and beautiful mahogany side table that embodies the details and construction techniques practiced by prolific ...

  • Inspiration for a Bedside CabinetInspiration for a Bedside Cabinet

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Michael Fortune got the inspiration for his curved bedside cabinet from a flea-market find in his college days. His old pine chest of drawers had back legs that ...

  • Splay-Legged TableSplay-Legged Table

    by Garrett Hack

    A small table is a perfect project to demystify tapered and splayed legs and add them to your skills as a designer and craftsperson. Garrett Hack takes you through ...

  • Build a Sofa TableBuild a Sofa Table

    by Scott Gibson

    Here's an Arts and Crafts sofa table with some exceptional details, including a unique steel stretcher system, quartersawn legs, double mortise-and-tenon joinery, ...

  • Harvest TableHarvest Table

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Build a classic Shaker drop-leaf dining table with detailed project plans and step-by-step instruction from Christian Becksvoort. He details his method for cutting ...

  • A Contemporary Corner TableA Contemporary Corner Table

    by Tony O'Malley

    An aversion to waste led Tony O’Malley to design and build a three-legged table to fit in a corner so it’s unobtrusive and useful. Using extra legs he had lying ...

  • A Round Kitchen ClassicA Round Kitchen Classic

    by Thomas Calisto

    If you build this project, you will learn how to make a curved laminated apron and the joinery involved in connecting the apron quadrants to the legs. A shop-made ...

  • One-Drawer Lamp StandOne-Drawer Lamp Stand

    by Michael Dunbar

    Mike Dunbar details the construction of a single-drawer table, a project for a beginner or intermediate woodworker. He discusses backsaw basics and includes detailed ...

  • Trestle Table with Breadboard EndsTrestle Table with Breadboard Ends

    by Charles Durfee

    Charles Durfee shares techniques and project plans for a classic trestle dining table that will seat up to eight. Techniques covered in this article include hand-cut ...

  • Pembroke TablePembroke Table

    by Jefferson Kolle

    Pembroke tables have been around for a long time; small and graceful, they may be simple or elaborate. Jefferson Kolle shows how to make a simple one with tapered ...

  • Hefty Sofa Table with a Delicate TouchHefty Sofa Table with a Delicate Touch

    by Eric Keil

    This exposed-joinery sofa table is at once traditional and contemporary, as are the processes used to build it. Eric Keil and the architect who designed the piece ...

  • Curved-Leg TableCurved-Leg Table

    by Don Kondra

    Building “swoopy” furniture takes time, but it’s appealing, Don Kondra writes. In this article, he tells how to make full-sized drawings, which he says is the key ...

  • Engineering a Table with DrawersEngineering a Table with Drawers

    by Will Neptune

    Will Neptune’s approach to building tables with drawers is extremely adaptable. Photos of a mock-up he built show the basic components: dividers, doublers, runners, ...

  • Stickley Done LightlyStickley Done Lightly

    by Rex Alexander

    Rex Alexander adjusts a Craftsman table to reflect a lighter, more feminine air out of curly and birds-eye maple. He explains here how he bought the lumber by the ...

  • Designing on the Go: A Coffee Table Takes ShapeDesigning on the Go: A Coffee Table Takes Shape

    by Peter Turner

    Peter Turner turned a request from his sister into a design-and-build process that produced four versions of a Shaker-style coffee table. Each version he built ...

  • My Kitchen TableMy Kitchen Table

    by Tim Gilchrist

    Tim Gilchrist wanted a rugged, yet stylish kitchen table that was strong, sturdy, and portable. He suggests letting your lumber supplier do some of the work by ...

  • Shaker Sewing Stand Remains Stylish, PracticalShaker Sewing Stand Remains Stylish, Practical

    by Robert Treanor

    Robert Treanor doesn’t sew, but he loves Shaker sewing stands. The one featured in this article has three cabriole legs and an underslung, two-way drawer, making ...

  • Build a Harvest TableBuild a Harvest Table

    by Gary Rogowski

    Gary Rogowski had a crowd coming for Thanksgiving and no table to seat them, so he put together a clean and simple tapered-leg harvest table quickly with loose-tenon ...

  • Build a Shaker Round StandBuild a Shaker Round Stand

    by Christian Becksvoort

    The measured drawing that Christian H. Becksvoort includes in this piece on a Shaker round table is by no means definitive, but it’s exceedingly close; he’s built ...

  • Making Dining Tables That WorkMaking Dining Tables That Work

    by Peter Tischler

    When Peter Tischler builds a dining table, he starts by finding out how the owner likes to dine and where the table is going. He makes rough sketches and scale ...

  • Low Tea Table Highlights JoineryLow Tea Table Highlights Joinery

    by C. Michael Vogt

    C. Michael Vogt built a low tea table with sliding dovetails and butterfly keys using both machines and hand tools. His design was influenced by George Nakashima. ...

  • A Shaker Style Drop-Leaf TableA Shaker Style Drop-Leaf Table

    by Greg Isaak

    The table Greg Isaak built was inspired by several original Shaker pieces, but he modified it with Sheraton-style tapered legs. There’s nothing tricky about building ...

  • Building a Trestle TableBuilding a Trestle Table

    by James Merritt Dunlap

    James Merritt Dunlap, who lives in Alaska, made a knockdown trestle table that has self-tightening, shallow-tapered, loose-wedged tenons, good for enduring extreme ...

  • Building a Gate-Leg Card TableBuilding a Gate-Leg Card Table

    by Frank M. Pittman

    Frank M. Pittman researched designs for 10 years before building this gorgeous gate-leg card table. It has tapered legs and string inlay similar to Hepplewhite ...

  • Building a NightstandBuilding a Nightstand

    by Gary Rogowski

    Gary Rogowski’s nightstand won’t put you to sleep. It’s cherry with a cloud-rise pattern on its rails and a rosewood pull on the drawer, all of which give it a ...

  • Building a Pool TableBuilding a Pool Table

    by Paul M. Bowman

    Building a pool table is somewhat intimidating, Paul M. Bowman admits, because of the size and the weight it must support. However, it doesn’t involve anything ...

  • Tip-and-Turn TablesTip-and-Turn Tables

    by David Ray Pine

    David Ray Pine explains how he built a tripod piecrust table, a tip-and-turn style that apparently was popular only in the Pennsylvania region. The main article ...

  • Extension TablesExtension Tables

    by Jeremiah de Rham

    Large tables are wonderful for crowds of feasting relatives, but when they go home, you’re stuck with a conference table for 20, notes Jeremiah de Rham. Expanding ...

  • Federal Card TableFederal Card Table

    by Michael Dunbar

    Michael Dunbar says that Americans were fascinated with card playing during the Federal Period. A special piece of furniture – the round card table with one hinged ...

  • Queen Anne Handkerchief TableQueen Anne Handkerchief Table

    by Eugene E. Landon

    Eugene Landon copied an extremely rare, beautiful example of a Queen Anne handkerchief table. He made a rubbing of the original tabletop when it was off, so all ...

  • Drop-Leaf and Gate-Leg TablesDrop-Leaf and Gate-Leg Tables

    by Simon Watts

    Simon Watts describes the style and construction history of drop-leaf and gate-leg tables, which he said were used principally in taverns. Design can vary, but ...

  • Designing for DiningDesigning for Dining

    by Tage Frid

    Of all the types of extension dining tables, Tage Frid prefers the "Dutch pull-out" dining table because it is both simple and fast to make. The tabletop consists ...

  • Shaker Round StandShaker Round Stand

    by John Kassay

    The stands shown in John Kassay's article were all made in the first half of the 19th century, when the Shaker sect was at its peak. To duplicate one, you'll need ...

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    Six furniture plans from the pages of Fine Woodworking

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