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A stoolis essentially a seat with no back or arms intended for one person. As such, it was for many centuries the standard seating arrangement for the majority of people; a chair (a seat with a back) was reserved only for the most important personages. Early
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  • Build a Simple StoolBuild a Simple Stool

    by Fabian Fischer

    Each of Fabian Fischer’s stools has its own character. He makes them with hand tools from a variety of woods and leaves the tool marks that make them unique. Here ...

  • Sturdy Stool for Home or ShopSturdy Stool for Home or Shop

    by Christian Becksvoort

    This cherry stool by Christian Becksvoort has all the elements of simplicity and comfort: square tapered legs, round rungs, arched rails, and a curved, upholstered ...

  • Build a Shaker Stool with Hand ToolsBuild a Shaker Stool with Hand Tools

    by Christian Becksvoort

    This Shaker piece can be sized as a footstool, a bench, or even a side table, and gets top marks for both looks and strength. The legs have decorative arches at ...

  • Comfortable Seat for TwoComfortable Seat for Two

    by Judith Ames

    The design for this bench kicked around in my head for several years as I worked out the details. The wait was worth it. Clients love the curvaceous seat and legs, ...

  • A Classic Step StoolA Classic Step Stool

    by Tommy MacDonald

    Whether you are a beginning woodworker or a seasoned veteran, this classic step stool is designed to put your skills on display. Dovetail joinery, curved stretchers, ...

  • Weekend Project: A Sturdy FootstoolWeekend Project: A Sturdy Footstool

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Angled mortise-and-tenon construction makes this piece challenging. The author's two simple jigs make construction easy. Get step-by-step instructions and download a free project plan.

  • A Short History of StoolsA Short History of Stools

    by Graham Blackburn

  • A Sturdy FootstoolA Sturdy Footstool

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Find challenging lessons in joinery and hand-tool work in this weekend project perfect for woodworkers of all skill levels. Building this attractive footstool involves ...

  • Post-and-Rung StoolPost-and-Rung Stool

    by Brian Boggs

    Here’s an exercise to perfect your round joinery skills. The author uses his experience of having built more than 1,500 to guide you through every step: choosing ...

  • Oval Chippendale StoolOval Chippendale Stool

    by Randall O'Donnell

    Period furniture maker Randall O’Donnell shows how this small stool doesn’t require a lot of material, but it shows off a lot of Colonial Philadelphia hallmarks: ...

  • Building a Basic StoolBuilding a Basic Stool

    by Harriet Hodges

    Harriet Hodges says a Windsor stool is both a good beginner project and a quick exercise for more expert woodworkers. Tool and wood needs are simple, and the process ...

  • Building a StoolBuilding a Stool

    by Gary Rogowski

    In building this stool, Gary Rogowski he learned that effort, not luck, and planning, not good intentions, are required to build a piece of furniture. In other ...

  • Folding Stool With TrayFolding Stool With Tray

    by Tage Frid

    Tage Frid describes his design and making of a folding stool in ash that measures 1-3/4 inches when folded. Included are photos and detailed plans of the folding ...

  • The Three-Legged StoolThe Three-Legged Stool

    by David W. Scott

    For a turner, a stool may serve as an introduction to joinery and a chance to go beyond the usual turned work. The variations on a three-legged stool seem endless, ...

  • Library LaddersLibrary Ladders

    by Alastair A. Stair

    The idea of creating household pieces to function in two or even three different ways has challenged furniture makers for centuries, writes Alastair A. Stair. The ...

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