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The first sideboard was doubtless a simple shelf on the wall near a dining table used for plate and food during meals (in distinction to a cupboard which constituted a more permanent repository for plate and cups). The distinction persisted, and led to
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  • Arts and Crafts SideboardArts and Crafts Sideboard

    by Gregory Paolini

    This Arts and Crafts sideboard by Gregory Paolini is a scaled-down version of the venerable pieces that inspired it, so it will fit into the tighter spaces of today's ...

  • Build a Serpentine Sideboard, Part 2Build a Serpentine Sideboard, Part 2

    by Steve Latta

    The finicky joints, painstaking inlay, and multi-step door construction are behind you. In Part Two of this Federal sideboard project, you'll learn how to finish ...

  • Build a Serpentine Sideboard, Part 1Build a Serpentine Sideboard, Part 1

    by Steve Latta

    With its sweeping facade, this Federal sideboard is an ambitious project. The doors and drawers are curved and veneered with mahogany. The six legs—two rear corner, ...

  • Lower Case Pieces from the Irion CommissionLower Case Pieces from the Irion Commission

    by Jonathan Binzen

    A slideshow gallery of more work from the extensive commission that reproduced 90 pieces of classic American furniture

  • The Versatile HuntboardThe Versatile Huntboard

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack's sideboard has three central drawers, flanked by doors to add balance. The case itself is deep and tall, and is engineered to withstand the weight ...

  • Details of a HuntboardVideo: Details of a Huntboard

    with Garrett Hack

    Take a tour of this updated classic for an insider's look at its construction and design details

  • A Short History of SideboardsA Short History of Sideboards

    by Graham Blackburn

  • Sideboard StrategiesSideboard Strategies

    by Will Neptune

    For Will Neptune, a key in making furniture is balancing design complexity and construction simplicity. He builds sideboards by making a dovetailed box turned on ...

  • Component-Built SideboardComponent-Built Sideboard

    by Seth Janofsky

    Seth Janofsky explains the design and construction of a sideboard, in this article with detailed project plans. In addition to project plans, Janofsky’s explains ...

  • Building an Arts and Crafts Sideboard, Part IIIBuilding an Arts and Crafts Sideboard, Part III

    by Gary Rogowski

    The third in a series on how to build a sideboard, this article focuses on details that make your furniture stand out. Gary Rogowski explains how to make the top, ...

  • Building An Arts and Crafts Sideboard, Part IIBuilding An Arts and Crafts Sideboard, Part II

    by Gary Rogowski

    In this, the second of three articles on how to build an Arts-and-Crafts sideboard, Gary Rogowski covers drawers and doors. Building and fitting these parts carefully ...

  • Building an Arts and Crafts-style Sideboard, Part IBuilding an Arts and Crafts-style Sideboard, Part I

    by Gary Rogowski

    This is the first of three articles in which Gary Rogowski builds an Arts-and-Crafts sideboard. Rogowski designed the piece to look like a Greene and Greene piece, ...

  • Building in the Language of Greene and GreeneBuilding in the Language of Greene and Greene

    by Thomas Hugh Stangeland

    The little details are what make Greene and Greene furniture really stand out. Here, Thomas Hugh Stangeland explains how the Greene brothers arrived at their system ...

  • Two-Door CredenzaTwo-Door Credenza

    by John McAlevey

    The two-door credenza John McAlevey designed doesn’t have dovetails on the corners. Instead, he used production-oriented dowels and plate joints to save time while ...

  • A Southern HuntboardA Southern Huntboard

    by Carlyle Lynch

    Carlyle Lynch adapted this huntboard, or sideboard, from one that spent time at the Museum of Arts in Richmond. It has four legs instead of the six usually found ...

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