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A desk is a table dedicated to reading or writing, and as such originally implied a sloping top. The sloping top, in fact, constituted practically the entirety of early desks, since these were used primarily in monasteries and universities before the
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  • Tombstone DoorsTombstone Doors

    by Lonnie Bird

    This guide to creating tombstone doors with a mix of hand and power tools is a quintessential lesson for any woodworker aiming to build furniture in the 18th-century ...

  • 18th-Century Pennsylvania Secretary18th-Century Pennsylvania Secretary

    by Lonnie Bird

    This article is the first installment of a three-part series on building an 18th-century Pennsylvania secretary with furniture maker Lonnie Bird. The key to building ...

  • An Arts and Crafts Library TableAn Arts and Crafts Library Table

    by Eric Keil

    This author builds tables with drawers faster and stronger by building frames to go over and under the drawers and attaching them to pre-assembled ends. He advises ...

  • Nine Amateurs Build Newport SecretariesNine Amateurs Build Newport Secretaries

    by Allan Breed

    A diverse group of woodworkers with varying experience each tackles a masterpiece: a Goddard-Townsend Newport secretary. Allen Breed narrates how he went about ...

  • Thomas Jefferson's Writing DeskThomas Jefferson's Writing Desk

    by Lon Schleining

    Lon Schleining tackles a complicated project that reflects Thomas Jefferson’s ingenuity. Schleining built a copy of Jefferson’s writing desk -- only 5 lb. -- by ...

  • An Elegant Writing DeskAn Elegant Writing Desk

    by Terry Moore

    When Terry Moore designed this light and airy writing desk, he wanted to create an elegant piece that would be used for occasional handwritten correspondence. He ...

  • Making a Writing DeskMaking a Writing Desk

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian Becksvoort explains how to make a basic leg-and-apron desk (basically a table with drawers). This piece has two drawers, but the number and layout can ...

  • Building a Roll-Top DeskBuilding a Roll-Top Desk

    by Kenneth Baumert

    The roots of the roll-top desk go back more than 200 years. Over time, desk variations merged to include tambour doors and pigeonhole compartments. Kenneth Baumert, ...

  • Designing Computer FurnitureDesigning Computer Furniture

    by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

    Fine Woodworking’s Sandor Nagyszalanczy finds the warmth of wood a pleasant contrast to the high-tech austerity of computer components, and he visited with more ...

  • Building a Secretaire-BookcaseBuilding a Secretaire-Bookcase

    by Victor J. Taylor

    Rather than follow a strict how-to-do-it formula, Victor J. Taylor presents here an 18th-century secretaire-bookcase as a tour of period construction practices, ...

  • Refining the Craftsman StyleRefining the Craftsman Style

    by David Cathers

    David Cathers describes the unlikely yet productive addition of Harvey Ellis to the Stickley team, brief though his tenure was. Cathers describes Ellis’ training, ...

  • Shaker Lap DeskShaker Lap Desk

    by Brian Considine

    The Shaker lap desk may be considered the predecessor of today's briefcase, writes Brian Considine. Lap desks are fine examples of the thought, care, and skill ...

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