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The term “cabinet” is now generally understood a medium to large size piece of furniture dedicated to storage, which is accessed by doors and may consist of many small drawers or open shelving. The earliest cabinets, however, were specifically designed
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  • Frame-and-Panel CabinetFrame-and-Panel Cabinet

    by Tim Rousseau

    Part of the beauty of a frame-and-panel cabinet is all the steps between parts, which add shadows and detail to the piece. This small side cabinet employs frame-and-panels ...

  • Simple Hanging CabinetSimple Hanging Cabinet

    by Christian Becksvoort

    This small Shaker cabinet was inspired by a piece from the Hancock, Mass., Shaker community. Christian Becksvoort made some design changes, such as substituting ...

  • Bowfront Wall CabinetBowfront Wall Cabinet

    by Matt Kenney

    Add vacuum-press veneering to your woodworking skill set by building a bowfront cabinet that features a subtle curve on its flush front and a beautiful mix of cherry, ...

  • A Cabinet for Hand ToolsA Cabinet for Hand Tools

    by Michael Pekovich

    When planning a new hand-tool cabinet for his workshop, Mike Pekovich wanted to pack in more storage than his old cabinet without taking up more wall space. He ...

  • Build a Vanity CabinetBuild a Vanity Cabinet

    by Mario Rodriguez

    This vanity has great proportions and simple lines, with a mirrored door that is simple to make. All the joinery is cut at the tablesaw using a dado set. The door ...

  • House Your Tools in High StyleHouse Your Tools in High Style

    by Chris Gochnour

    This tool cabinet blends utility and great aesthetics, giving your shop a practical place to house tools in a beautiful package. What's more, it can be built with ...

  • Beautify Your Home with a Shaker Built-InBeautify Your Home with a Shaker Built-In

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Built-in furniture was a staple of Shaker life, and these skilled furniture makers elevated the built-in to an art form. This one by Christian Becksvoort was constructed ...

  • Sleek Console Built for Today’s TVsSleek Console Built for Today’s TVs

    by Anatole Burkin

    This sleek entertainment credenza has clean, crisp lines. It offers plenty of storage, with easy access to electronic components from both the front and rear, and ...

  • Making WavesMaking Waves

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Learn how the ship "sails" in Adrian Potter's Endeavour cabinet, featured on the back cover

  • Arts and Crafts on DisplayArts and Crafts on Display

    by Michael Pekovich

    With its quartersawn oak, exposed joinery, fumed finish, and hand-hammered hardware, this case piece would not be out of place in an antique Stickley catalog. The ...

  • A Better Way to Build Wall CabinetsA Better Way to Build Wall Cabinets

    by Garrett Hack

    Learn to make a strong, attractive wall-hung cabinet like this one by Garrett Hack. The smart sliding-dovetail case construction creates a very sturdy cabinet and ...

  • Display Cabinet, the Krenov WayDisplay Cabinet, the Krenov Way

    by Jim Budlong

    The cabinet-on-stand form popularized by James Krenov uses familiar construction methods such as mortise-and-tenon joints, dowels, and bridle joints. What makes ...

  • Weekend Project: Build an Arts and Crafts BookcaseWeekend Project: Build an Arts and Crafts Bookcase

    by Gary Rogowski

    Wedged tenons and clean lines define this oak original. You cut the through mortises with a plunge router and template. Get step-by-step instructions and download the plan.

  • A Low Console for Home TheaterA Low Console for Home Theater

    by Steve Casey

    Entertainment centers aren't what they used to be. Today's slim televisions and home-theater equipment demand sleek, low consoles that can be adapted to house all ...

  • Weekend Project: Build A Craftsman Wall CabinetWeekend Project: Build A Craftsman Wall Cabinet

    by Ian Ingersoll

    Modeled after a clock, this piece fits well in almost any tight, vertical space.

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