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A box is a lidded wooden container distinguished from its larger cousin, a chest, primarily by its smaller size; the demarcation between a large box and a small chest often being a matter of opinion. Boxes have undoubtedly been made as receptacles for
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  • Building a HumidorBuilding a Humidor

    by Rick Allyn

    A humidor that works is not just a nice box with a humidification device, though that’s often how they’re made, writes Rick Allyn. Maintaining 70% humidity is a ...

  • Shaker Oval BoxesShaker Oval Boxes

    by John Wilson

    Oval boxes continue to be the most popular product the Shakers ever offered to the outside world. John Wilson teaches novice and experienced woodworkers how to ...

  • Quick and Tricky Little BoxesQuick and Tricky Little Boxes

    by Jim Cummins

    Jim Cummins talks about what he learned as he built small boxes from scrap in his shop. No two boxes are alike, most of them figure-matched in one way or another. ...

  • Oval BoxesOval Boxes

    by Tom McFadden

    Though he started off studying Shaker oval boxes, Tom McFadden makes his of a variety of woods and he leaves the outside overlapping end square, instead of cutting ...

  • Shaker CarrierShaker Carrier

    by John Kassay

    This short article with a scale drawing shows how to make a box fitted with a handle.From Fine Woodworking #32...

  • Stamp BoxStamp Box

    by Stanley D. Saperstein

    Stanley D. Saperstein explains in this quick article how to make a relic box, or stamp box. Very few survive from before the Revolution, he says. They vary as to ...

  • Build an Heirloom BoxBuild an Heirloom Box

    by Bob Van Dyke

    This box project is a great way to learn and perfect new woodworking skills . As you work through the project you'll cut dovetails at the tablesaw, rout tongue-and-groove ...

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