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Beds occupy the predominant place in a list of furniture types, since from earliest times they were often the most important piece of furniture in a household. Strictly speaking, “bed” means the place where a person sleeps (originally no more than a
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  • Greene and Greene: Master the DetailsGreene and Greene: Master the Details

    by Martin McClendon

    If you are an admirer of beds designed by Charles and Henry Greene for the Gamble House in Pasadena, Calif., you’ll love this queen-size version. There’s a lot ...

  • Build a Beautiful BedBuild a Beautiful Bed

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Here's a portfolio of project ideas from FWW experts. All with step-by-step instructions that show you how to handle the trickiest parts of construction. Complete project plans are also available.

  • New Twist on a Sleigh BedNew Twist on a Sleigh Bed

    by Charles Shackleton

    With its X-shaped back slats and hand-carved curls on the legs, this bed belongs to a family of furniture that Charles Shackleton designed as an homage to the fork-back ...

  • Furniture Kids Will LoveFurniture Kids Will Love

    by Jeff Miller

    Whether you want to make quick-and-dirty painted furniture that will stand up to child use, or an heirloom piece that matches an adult table or chair, designing ...

  • Build a Pencil-Post BedBuild a Pencil-Post Bed

    by Lonnie Bird

    Popular for centuries, the pencil-post bed can be adapted to fit a variety of settings, from contemporary to traditional. Contributing editor Lonnie Bird's design ...

  • Details of a Pencil-Post BedVideo: Details of a Pencil-Post Bed

    with Lonnie Bird

    Explore the design and construction details of this reproduction 18th-century classic with a tour by the maker

  • Plan Download: Pencil-Post BedPlan Download: Pencil-Post Bed

    by Lonnie Bird

    Download the full-size plans to build this classic 18th-century four-poster bed

  • A Short History of Beds, Cradles, and CribsA Short History of Beds, Cradles, and Cribs

    by Graham Blackburn

  • Anatomy of a BedAnatomy of a Bed

    by Jeff Miller

    Sound construction is a critical part of any bed design, and most beds share a similar post-and-rail construction. This step-by-step guide to bed construction illustrates ...

  • Arts and Crafts BedArts and Crafts Bed

    by Gary Rogowski

    Building a bed requires working in a larger scale than most woodworkers are accustomed to. With detailed project plans and useful instruction, Gary Rogowski breaks ...

  • Frame-and-Panel BedFrame-and-Panel Bed

    by David Fay

    David Fay spends a lot of time refining what may seem like small details, but the effort pays off in a handsome inlaid piece. He explains how he designed the bed ...

  • Building a Sleigh BedBuilding a Sleigh Bed

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian Becksvoort didn’t have time to build a sleigh bed he liked, so he figured out how to capture the essence and build it efficiently – in less than 100 hours. ...

  • Making a Sheraton BedMaking a Sheraton Bed

    by Philip C. Lowe

    The posts on this bed are the toughest part; after that, says Philip C. Lowe, the rest is simple. Lowe makes full-scale drawings for his projects, and he shares ...

  • Making a Frame-and-Panel BedMaking a Frame-and-Panel Bed

    by John McAlevey

    On John McAlevey’s frame-and-panel bed, a convex curve on both the headboard and footboard provides a linear contrast. Chamfered posts add interest. McAlevey explains ...

  • The Pencil-Post BedThe Pencil-Post Bed

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian H. Becksvoort’s pencil-post harks back older times. Becksvoort starts by discussing the origin of the style and then explains how he uses 6-in.-long bed ...

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