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Beds occupy the predominant place in a list of furniture types, since from earliest times they were often the most important piece of furniture in a household. Strictly speaking, “bed” means the place where a person sleeps (originally no more than a
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  • How to Build Storage into Any BedHow to Build Storage into Any Bed

    by Tony O'Malley

    Take advantage of what has traditionally been wasted space by building storage drawers into your bed. This design has six drawers underneath that provide as much ...

  • Greene and Greene: Master the DetailsGreene and Greene: Master the Details

    by Martin McClendon

    If you are an admirer of beds designed by Charles and Henry Greene for the Gamble House in Pasadena, Calif., you’ll love this queen-size version. There’s a lot ...

  • Build a Beautiful BedBuild a Beautiful Bed

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Here's a portfolio of project ideas from FWW experts. All with step-by-step instructions that show you how to handle the trickiest parts of construction. Complete project plans are also available.

  • New Twist on a Sleigh BedNew Twist on a Sleigh Bed

    by Charles Shackleton

    With its X-shaped back slats and hand-carved curls on the legs, this bed belongs to a family of furniture that Charles Shackleton designed as an homage to the fork-back ...

  • Furniture Kids Will LoveFurniture Kids Will Love

    by Jeff Miller

    Whether you want to make quick-and-dirty painted furniture that will stand up to child use, or an heirloom piece that matches an adult table or chair, designing ...

  • Build a Pencil-Post BedBuild a Pencil-Post Bed

    by Lonnie Bird

    Popular for centuries, the pencil-post bed can be adapted to fit a variety of settings, from contemporary to traditional. Contributing editor Lonnie Bird's design ...

  • Details of a Pencil-Post BedVideo: Details of a Pencil-Post Bed

    with Lonnie Bird

    Explore the design and construction details of this reproduction 18th-century classic with a tour by the maker

  • Plan Download: Pencil-Post BedPlan Download: Pencil-Post Bed

    by Lonnie Bird

    Download the full-size plans to build this classic 18th-century four-poster bed

  • A Short History of Beds, Cradles, and CribsA Short History of Beds, Cradles, and Cribs

    by Graham Blackburn

  • Anatomy of a BedAnatomy of a Bed

    by Jeff Miller

    Sound construction is a critical part of any bed design, and most beds share a similar post-and-rail construction. This step-by-step guide to bed construction illustrates ...

  • Arts and Crafts BedArts and Crafts Bed

    by Gary Rogowski

    Building a bed requires working in a larger scale than most woodworkers are accustomed to. With detailed project plans and useful instruction, Gary Rogowski breaks ...

  • Frame-and-Panel BedFrame-and-Panel Bed

    by David Fay

    David Fay spends a lot of time refining what may seem like small details, but the effort pays off in a handsome inlaid piece. He explains how he designed the bed ...

  • Building a Sleigh BedBuilding a Sleigh Bed

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian Becksvoort didn’t have time to build a sleigh bed he liked, so he figured out how to capture the essence and build it efficiently – in less than 100 hours. ...

  • Making a Sheraton BedMaking a Sheraton Bed

    by Philip C. Lowe

    The posts on this bed are the toughest part; after that, says Philip C. Lowe, the rest is simple. Lowe makes full-scale drawings for his projects, and he shares ...

  • Making a Frame-and-Panel BedMaking a Frame-and-Panel Bed

    by John McAlevey

    On John McAlevey’s frame-and-panel bed, a convex curve on both the headboard and footboard provides a linear contrast. Chamfered posts add interest. McAlevey explains ...

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