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Arts and Crafts

Furniture design has seen many styles and forms throughout its rich history, from the rectilinear designs of the Arts and Crafts movement to the instantly recognizable Windsor chair. Furniture makers and designers have set new trends across continents
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  • Small Cabinet Is Big on DetailsSmall Cabinet Is Big on Details

    by Michael Pekovich

    On the surface, this is a simple cabinet, but it's the surface that really sets this project apart. Proud joinery and slightly offset components in the case and ...

  • Limbert Inspired Coffee TableLimbert Inspired Coffee Table

    by Kevin Rodel

    This coffee table was inspired by The Charles P. Limbert Co.'s Table 153, designed when the coffee table as a furniture form didn't yet exist. Kevin Rodel took ...

  • Arts and Crafts SideboardArts and Crafts Sideboard

    by Gregory Paolini

    This Arts and Crafts sideboard by Gregory Paolini is a scaled-down version of the venerable pieces that inspired it, so it will fit into the tighter spaces of today's ...

  • Oak Chest on StandOak Chest on Stand

    by Mario Rodriguez

    This oak chest-on-stand is an homage to C.F.A. Voysey, a major influence in the English Arts and Crafts Movement. Mario Rodriguez designed the chest with half-blind ...

  • Arts and Crafts with an English AccentArts and Crafts with an English Accent

    by Nancy R. Hiller

    Styled after a well-known English Arts and Crafts manufacturer's work, this desk incorporates the signature square, flared feet and curved front aprons of the Harris ...

  • How to Build Your Own Front DoorHow to Build Your Own Front Door

    by Josh Finn

    You're a woodworker. So do you really want a front door that looks like it came from a home store? Especially when there's nothing too difficult about making your ...

  • A Study in SquaresA Study in Squares

    by Kevin Rodel

    This simple yet strong gridwork side table has a number of interesting twists. The legs are cuffed, and have a reverse taper on the two outer faces, moving from ...

  • Limbert-Style Coffee Table Project PlanLimbert-Style Coffee Table Project Plan

    by Gregory Paolini

    An elliptical top, arched legs, and decorative piercings add grace and beauty to this Craftsman-style table modeled after a library table by Charles Limbert. This ...

  • Arts and Crafts on DisplayArts and Crafts on Display

    by Michael Pekovich

    With its quartersawn oak, exposed joinery, fumed finish, and hand-hammered hardware, this case piece would not be out of place in an antique Stickley catalog. The ...

  • Build a Prairie SettleBuild a Prairie Settle

    by Kevin Rodel

    Kevin Rodel’s prairie settle is a perfect example of the low horizontal lines that characterize Prairie-style furniture. The broad low back is well suited for informal ...

  • Top Ten Arts and Crafts ProjectsTop Ten Arts and Crafts Projects

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    A collection of project plans including bookcases, tables, chairs, and shelves plus finish recommendations

  • Pro Portfolio: Arts and Crafts ExplorerPro Portfolio: Arts and Crafts Explorer

    by Jonathan Binzen, Kevin Rodel

    One woodworker's career path leads through a wide-ranging furniture style

  • Arts and Crafts Wall ShelfArts and Crafts Wall Shelf

    by Nancy R. Hiller

    This simple wall cabinet incorporates a number of details and techniques that make it special: mitered joints for the columns, decorative inlay, and a finish for ...

  • A Portable Book RackA Portable Book Rack

    by Gregory Paolini

    Gregory Paolini modeled his book rack after the #74 Gustav Stickley book rack -- with its short design, V-shaped shelves, and D-shaped handholds. But Paolini also ...

  • Arts and Crafts Side ChairArts and Crafts Side Chair

    by Kevin Rodel

    This Arts and Crafts-style chair would fit comfortably in a dining room or a library. With its curved back rest and angled joinery, it offers plenty of construction ...

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