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Anything that can be made from wood, but does not fit into a defined furniture category, falls into this catchall we call “accessories.” Since Fine Woodworking magazine was founded in 1975, its pages have featured wood versions of just about anything
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  • A Life Built on BookmarksA Life Built on Bookmarks

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Alan Bradstreet makes a comfortable living by working very small and selling very cheap -- in very large numbers. He combines the attributes of a hard-headed businessman, ...

  • Garden Gate made of White CedarGarden Gate made of White Cedar

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Mario Rodriguez designed this garden gate to be wide enough for a wheelbarrow but narrow enough for an intimate feel. Features include delicate round spindles with ...

  • Turned OrnamentsTurned Ornaments

    by Michael Sage

    Ornaments turned in three parts save small pieces of figured wood from the scrap bin and help embellish a tree or window. Michael Sage explains how to make them, ...

  • Build a Bent-Plywood KayakBuild a Bent-Plywood Kayak

    by Chris Kulczycki

    Chris Kulczycki explains a technique that will help you build a sleek, handsome kayak for less than a few hundred dollars in less than two weeks and with little ...

  • Making Salad ServersMaking Salad Servers

    by Tage Frid

    Tage Frid designed a pair of museum-quality S-shaped salad servers. Their shape prevents them from falling into the bowl, they’re light, and strong. He made them ...

  • Turning a Pool CueTurning a Pool Cue

    by Colorado Slim

    “Colorado Slim” shares colorful stories about shooting pool and making cues, good and bad ones. He talks about the taper, diameter, stock material, and connectors ...

  • Folding Stool With TrayFolding Stool With Tray

    by Tage Frid

    Tage Frid describes his design and making of a folding stool in ash that measures 1-3/4 inches when folded. Included are photos and detailed plans of the folding ...

  • A Serving TrayA Serving Tray

    by Lionel Kay

    Lionel Kay chose an X pattern to use up a  quantity of narrow mahogany veneer cutoffs left over from another project to make a serving tray with a strip of inlay ...

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