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From decorative marquetry, to intricate stringing and banding, to highly figured veneered surfaces, there are a number of options for adding ornamentation to furniture.The basics: • Veneering to a core: All surface decoration techniques involve affixing
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  • Book-matched Veneer PanelBook-matched Veneer Panel

    by Bob Van Dyke

    Learn traditional veneering techniques with this book-matched panel that is the crowning detail of Bob Van Dyke's box project. Learn the basics of choosing veneer, ...

  • Introduction to Wood VeneeringEditors PickVideo: Introduction to Wood Veneering

    with Bob Van Dyke

    Learn the basics of how to veneer wood in this three-part video series

  • How to Build Beautiful Cases from PlywoodHow to Build Beautiful Cases from Plywood

    by Craig Thibodeau

    There's a lot of creative freedom in building cases with veneered panels. Veneer makes it possible to use a variety of exotic woods and dramatic figure, and wrapping ...

  • Dress Up Your Drawer FrontsDress Up Your Drawer Fronts

    by Steve Latta

    Burl veneer and cock beading work together as beautiful and functional details on period furniture. Steve Latta used these classic design elements in his Federal ...

  • Make Veneered Doors Look Like Solid WoodQ & A: Make Veneered Doors Look Like Solid Wood

    by Michael C. Fortune

  • Vacuum Press TipsVideo: Vacuum Press Tips

    with Matt Kenney

    Get tips on how to get the most from your vacuum press

  • How to Handle Cross-Grain VeneerQ & A: How to Handle Cross-Grain Veneer

    by David Welter

  • Shop-Sawn Veneers Make Better FurnitureShop-Sawn Veneers Make Better Furniture

    by David Welter

    David Welter and the students at College of the Redwoods don't work with commercially available veneer; they prefer to saw their own. The reason? Shop-sawn veneers ...

  • A Chessboard Made EasyA Chessboard Made Easy

    by Craig Thibodeau

    At some point in your woodworking life, you’ll probably make a chessboard. The classic parquet pattern adds fun and function to an ordinary table. And a chessboard ...

  • Vaulted VeneerVaulted Veneer

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Enrico König explores bent-lamination and veneering in his table with an arched base. Using tapered laminations, he has created a range of strong and striking arched ...

  • For Veneering, MDF is Better Than PlywoodQ & A: For Veneering, MDF is Better Than Plywood

    by Thomas R. Schrunk

  • How Veneer is MadeHow Veneer is Made

    by Ben Barrett

    That beautiful veneer you used for your last project didn't just fall off a truck. Somebody had to discover the one log among hundreds that contained that stunning ...

  • Store Veneer FlatQ & A: Store Veneer Flat

    by Ben Barrett

  • Veneering Tight CurvesVeneering Tight Curves

    by Craig Thibodeau

    Learn Craig Thibodeau's method for veneering the tight curves such as those found on his furniture designs. Using a vacuum bag, veneer, Styrofoam, plastic sheeting, ...

  • Curved Panels Made EasyCurved Panels Made Easy

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Browse Michael Fortune's gallery of furniture and you'll quickly know that he's an expert on curved work. His method for creating a veneered curved panel uses a ...

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