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Using Turning Tools

  • Bowl-Turning BasicsBowl-Turning Basics

    by Richard Raffan

    The beauty of a well-balanced bowl lies in subtle details, writes Richard Raffan. He explains here how to make a bowl on the lathe in an hour or two. Among the ...

  • Gouges for the LatheGouges for the Lathe

    by Ernie Conover

    Ernie Conover has noticed that anyone who learns how to handle a gouge with aplomb will be far along the road to mastering turning itself. There are three types ...

  • Turned OrnamentsTurned Ornaments

    by Michael Sage

    Ornaments turned in three parts save small pieces of figured wood from the scrap bin and help embellish a tree or window. Michael Sage explains how to make them, ...

  • Turning Rotted WoodTurning Rotted Wood

    by Robert J. Lentz

    The fungi that cause spalting will eventually lead to rotting if left unchecked. The condition of much of the wood Robert J. Lentz uses falls somewhere in between ...

  • Compression Chuck for a LatheCompression Chuck for a Lathe

    by Dale Ross

    A nicely finished foot on the bottom of a turned bowl is a feature that separates the work of a pro from that of a beginner. The biggest problem, says woodturner ...

  • Spiral-Routing on the LatheSpiral-Routing on the Lathe

    by Norman Zentil

    Norman Zentil built his own spiral-routing system on a sliding carriage that pulls along the lathe bed. A system of pulleys and weights, connected to the carriage ...

  • Segmented TurningSegmented Turning

    by Michael Shuler

    Michael Shuler wanted to segment a single kind of wood in a bowl. He figured out a way to create a striking look in a turned vessel that didn’t require the use ...

  • Turned Pens and PencilsTurned Pens and Pencils

    by Richard Elderton

    After one too many pen collapses, Richard Elderton decided to clothe his naked Parker pen refill with a suit of wood. It’s just a wooden cap and barrel, shaped ...

  • Spindle TurningSpindle Turning

    by Rude Osolnik

    Any well-coordinated person can pick up the rudiments of spindle turning quickly, says Rude Osolnik. Don’t think about duplicating complex spindles you see in books; ...

  • Turning a Pool CueTurning a Pool Cue

    by Colorado Slim

    “Colorado Slim” shares colorful stories about shooting pool and making cues, good and bad ones. He talks about the taper, diameter, stock material, and connectors ...

  • Turning a Matched Set of BowlsTurning a Matched Set of Bowls

    by Arthur F. Sherry

    Turning a good matched set of bowls can be a challenge, and it calls for careful planning and execution. In this article, Arthur F. Sherry shares patternmakers’ ...

  • The Taming of the SkewThe Taming of the Skew

    by Mike Darlow

    No tool in a turner’s kit has greater potential for efficiency than the skew chisel -- it planes surfaces smooth, cuts balls and beads, defines fillers and even ...

  • The Three-Legged StoolThe Three-Legged Stool

    by David W. Scott

    For a turner, a stool may serve as an introduction to joinery and a chance to go beyond the usual turned work. The variations on a three-legged stool seem endless, ...

  • Twist TurningTwist Turning

    by Eric Schramm

    Mostly used in reproduction and repair and for Mediterranean-style furniture, spirals are not truly turnings because most of the work is really carving, writes ...

  • Bowl TurningBowl Turning

    by Peter Child

    Peter Child jumps right into sharing tips on how to turn bowls, such as completing the turning of the outside of the bowl before removing any wood from the inside, ...

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