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Turning Vessels

  • MetamorphosisMetamorphosis

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Ron Layport turns and carves his delicate vessels direct from the log. In the case of this butterfly piece, he started with a 55-lb. chunk of tree and ended up ...

  • Pots, Pitchers, and PiercingsPots, Pitchers, and Piercings

    by David Heim

    Browse the gallery of work shown at the 2007 American Association of Woodturners Symposium

  • A Sunburst Finish for BowlsVideo: A Sunburst Finish for Bowls

    with Mark Schofield

    Wood turner Michael Allison answers questions about his colorful trademark finish at the 2006 Fine Furnishings Show

  • Finding a Niche with Turned LampshadesVideo: Finding a Niche with Turned Lampshades

    with Peter Bloch

    New Hampshire wood turner sheds light on his technique for turning thin-walled, translucent vessels

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Cutting BlanksVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Cutting Blanks

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 1 of 4: Learn the best practices for cutting turning blanks from a fresh log

  • Roughing the Outside of a VesselVideo: Roughing the Outside of a Vessel

    with Howard Lewin

    Depend on a gouge and your design eye to create an attractive shape

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Finishing a BowlVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Finishing a Bowl

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 4 of 4: Use a jam chuck to turn a foot and part the finished bowl from the lathe

  • Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel TurningVideo: Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel Turning

    with Howard Lewin

    Drill an entrance hole, then cut from the center out for a thin-walled vessel

  • Turn a Hollow VesselTurn a Hollow Vessel

    by Howard Lewin

    Improvements in wood-turning tools have made the art of hollow-vessel turning accessible to woodturners of varying skill levels. In this article, Howard Levin, ...

  • Turning Rotted WoodTurning Rotted Wood

    by Robert J. Lentz

    The fungi that cause spalting will eventually lead to rotting if left unchecked. The condition of much of the wood Robert J. Lentz uses falls somewhere in between ...

  • Segmented TurningSegmented Turning

    by Michael Shuler

    Michael Shuler wanted to segment a single kind of wood in a bowl. He figured out a way to create a striking look in a turned vessel that didn’t require the use ...

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