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  • One Unreal EggOne Unreal Egg

    by Jonathan Binzen

    A stay-at-home dad whose shop is a converted garage in Damariscotta, Maine, Jacques Vesery has been turning and carving since boyhood. He turns most of his pieces ...

  • Finding a Niche with Turned LampshadesVideo: Finding a Niche with Turned Lampshades

    with Peter Bloch

    New Hampshire wood turner sheds light on his technique for turning thin-walled, translucent vessels

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Cutting BlanksVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Cutting Blanks

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 1 of 4: Learn the best practices for cutting turning blanks from a fresh log

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Finishing a BowlVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Finishing a Bowl

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 4 of 4: Use a jam chuck to turn a foot and part the finished bowl from the lathe

  • Turned Pens and PencilsTurned Pens and Pencils

    by Richard Elderton

    After one too many pen collapses, Richard Elderton decided to clothe his naked Parker pen refill with a suit of wood. It’s just a wooden cap and barrel, shaped ...

  • Turning a Pool CueTurning a Pool Cue

    by Colorado Slim

    “Colorado Slim” shares colorful stories about shooting pool and making cues, good and bad ones. He talks about the taper, diameter, stock material, and connectors ...

  • Turning a Matched Set of BowlsTurning a Matched Set of Bowls

    by Arthur F. Sherry

    Turning a good matched set of bowls can be a challenge, and it calls for careful planning and execution. In this article, Arthur F. Sherry shares patternmakers’ ...

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