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Spindle Turning

  • Turned Drawer PullsTurned Drawer Pulls

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Why pay for knobs and drawer pulls when you can make your own, ensuring that every element of your finished piece has been hand-crafted? Philip C. Lowe details ...

  • Learn to Turn SpindlesLearn to Turn Spindles

    by Ernie Conover

    All turning techniques are based on cutting a bead, a cove, a cylinder, or a taper; if you can cut these four shapes, you can turn anything. In this primer on basic ...

  • Turn a Classic Floor LampTurn a Classic Floor Lamp

    by Ernie Conover

    This 18th-century inspired lamp offers a chance to practice both faceplate and spindle turning. The design accommodates a range of lathe sizes and turning abilities ...

  • Duplicate Spindles by HandDuplicate Spindles by Hand

    by Kim Carleton Graves

    When a project requires turning multiple matching spindles, this method for duplicating spindles by hand will results in finished parts with crisp edges, according ...

  • Turned OrnamentsTurned Ornaments

    by Michael Sage

    Ornaments turned in three parts save small pieces of figured wood from the scrap bin and help embellish a tree or window. Michael Sage explains how to make them, ...

  • Build a Shaker Round StandBuild a Shaker Round Stand

    by Christian Becksvoort

    The measured drawing that Christian H. Becksvoort includes in this piece on a Shaker round table is by no means definitive, but it’s exceedingly close; he’s built ...

  • Spindle TurningSpindle Turning

    by Rude Osolnik

    Any well-coordinated person can pick up the rudiments of spindle turning quickly, says Rude Osolnik. Don’t think about duplicating complex spindles you see in books; ...

  • Turning a Pool CueTurning a Pool Cue

    by Colorado Slim

    “Colorado Slim” shares colorful stories about shooting pool and making cues, good and bad ones. He talks about the taper, diameter, stock material, and connectors ...

  • Twist TurningTwist Turning

    by Eric Schramm

    Mostly used in reproduction and repair and for Mediterranean-style furniture, spirals are not truly turnings because most of the work is really carving, writes ...

  • Bowl TurningBowl Turning

    by Peter Child

    Peter Child jumps right into sharing tips on how to turn bowls, such as completing the turning of the outside of the bowl before removing any wood from the inside, ...

  • How to Turn a Simple Shaker KnobVideo: How to Turn a Simple Shaker Knob

    with Philip C. Lowe

    Furniture maker Philip C. Lowe demonstrates his techniques for turning iconic Shaker door and drawer pulls

  • How to Turn Pulls Without a LatheEditors PickVideo: How to Turn Pulls Without a Lathe

    with Christian Becksvoort

    Create custom door and drawer knobs using your drill press

  • Romancing the ShopEditors PickVideo: Romancing the Shop

    with John Tetreault

    Journey into one woodworker's dream shop and watch him crank out gorgeous tool handles straight from the log

  • Understanding Woodturning CatchesEditors PickVideo: Understanding Woodturning Catches

    with Richard Raffan

    Learn why woodturning tools catch and how to avoid this potentially dangerous situation

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