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  • Use Bed Bolts for a Knock-Down TableQ & A: Use Bed Bolts for a Knock-Down Table

    by Christian Becksvoort

  • The Ins and Outs of Drawer StopsThe Ins and Outs of Drawer Stops

    by Peter Turner

    What's the first thing you do when looking at a piece of fine furniture? Chances are, if the piece contains drawers, you pull one out. You're looking for well-crafted ...

  • Special Screws for HingesQ & A: Special Screws for Hinges

    by Robert J. Settich

  • Use Screws Like a ProUse Screws Like a Pro

    by Robert J. Settich

    No place for screws in woodworking? Don't be so sure. There are many woodworking tasks where a screw is just the thing. The trick is to select the right screw for ...

  • Attach a Tabletop With ScrewsVideo: Attach a Tabletop With Screws

    with Gary Rogowski

    Elongated holes allow the wide tabletop to shrink and expand without coming unglued

  • Image not availableTip: Loose Screw Magnet

    by Mark A. Fetter

  • Hardware-sorting FrisbeeTip: Hardware-sorting Frisbee

    by Serge Duclos

  • Why Use Nails in Fine FurnitureWhy Use Nails in Fine Furniture

    by Michael Dunbar

    Nails have a bad reputation as a joinery method for fine furniture, one that woodworker Mike Dunbar feels is somewhat undeserved. While many folks think using nails ...

  • A Guide to Modern Wood ScrewsA Guide to Modern Wood Screws

    by Aimé Ontario Fraser

    Faster, cheaper, stronger, and usually better suited to the job, modern wood screws get high marks from Aimé Ontario Fraser. She compares modern wood screws to ...

  • Threading Wood for Machine ScrewsThreading Wood for Machine Screws

    by Patrick Warner

    Pat Warner discusses the use of machine screws in knockdown furniture joints and adjustable jigs. He explains how to use metal taps to cut crisp, strong, and durable ...

  • Screws for WoodworkersScrews for Woodworkers

    by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

    Sandor Nagyszalanczy visited several woodworkers to see what types of screws they use in their everyday work. They generally use drywall screws, standard tapered ...

  • Wood ScrewsWood Screws

    by George Mustoe

    Craftsmen who rely on well-cut joints for their finer projects still find screws handy for reinforcing these joints, as well as for attaching hardware, assembling ...

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