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Bending Wood

Bending wood doesn’t require superhuman strength. There are a few common recipes and procedures that can be employed to create curved parts from straight boards. The Basics: • Steam it: Heat and humidity will make a board ripe for bending. • Laminate
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  • Build a LongboardBuild a Longboard

    by Chris Gochnour

    Before Chris Gochnour became a furnitiure maker, he had his own business building and selling skateboards. His love of skateboarding led to a love of woodworking, ...

  • Veneering UnpluggedVideo: Veneering Unplugged

    with Dillon Ryan

    An inexpensive but effective way to get into veneering and bent laminations.

  • Use Patterns to Guide Your WorkUse Patterns to Guide Your Work

    by Garrett Hack

    A thin, full-size pattern can be useful at just about every stage of furniture construction. Before milling parts from rough lumber, Garrett Hack uses patterns ...

  • Expressive But Efficient: Dean Pulver's TablesExpressive But Efficient: Dean Pulver's Tables

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Arcs and odd angles abound in Dean Pulver's tables, but he has made dozens of them to the same design. See how he designs the bent laminations and uses different ...

  • Putting the Primal into Production: Dean PulverPutting the Primal into Production: Dean Pulver

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Dean Pulver combines the efficiency of machine work with the satisfaction of handwork to make his innovative tables. He got his production acumen from years of ...

  • How to Tame Tricky Glue-UpsHow to Tame Tricky Glue-Ups

    by Michael C. Fortune

    The key to all glue-ups—especially those on curved parts—is that the clamping pressure must be at an exact right angle to the glueline, and centered on the joint. ...

  • Prevent Springback in Bent LaminationsQ & A: Prevent Springback in Bent Laminations

    by Adrian Ferrazzutti

  • How to Get Two Curves from One StickHow to Get Two Curves from One Stick

    by Jonathan Binzen

    See how Greg Klassen crafts the split and bent-laminated back on his side chair....

  • The Garden Chair, Part 1: Bent LaminationThe Garden Chair, Part 1: Bent Lamination

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Part 1 of this garden chair project involves making the bent laminations that are used for the sweeping curves in the arms, seat, and back slats. The process of ...

  • 7 Secrets of Steam-Bending7 Secrets of Steam-Bending

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Learn to produce astonishing curves in your furniture using steam-bending. Michael Fortune demonstrates how to bend wood without breaking it, using a steambox and ...

  • Vacuum Press TipsVideo: Vacuum Press Tips

    with Matt Kenney

    Get tips on how to get the most from your vacuum press

  • Build an Outdoor LoungeBuild an Outdoor Lounge

    by Tommy MacDonald

    This comfortable lounge chair, with its modern lines and shapely curves, looks complicated. It incorporates 25 steam-bent staves, which also sounds complicated. ...

  • Inside a Tapered LaminationInside a Tapered Lamination

    by Anissa Kapsales

  • Hot-Pipe Steam-Bending: Furniture PartsVideo: Hot-Pipe Steam-Bending: Furniture Parts

    with Michael C. Fortune

    Learn how to bend thicker pieces of wood and get multiple parts to uniform shape. Part three of a three-part video series.

  • The Magic of Hot-Pipe BendingThe Magic of Hot-Pipe Bending

    by Michael C. Fortune

    This is a very easy technique for bending thin strips of wood to virtually any shape. Better yet, the simple apparatus is made from a few hardware-store parts. You ...

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