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Tuning Hand Tools

Collectors pay top dollar for antique handplanes and tools. That speaks volumes about the importance of hand-tool maintenance. When properly kept, a hand tool can perform at the top of its class for generations. The Basics: • Begin with a tune-up: New
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  • Sharpen Your SpokeshaveSharpen Your Spokeshave

    by Chris Gochnour

    Sharpening a spokeshave blade can be tricky because the small blade is hard to hold. The solution is to mount the blade in a wooden holder before you grind and ...

  • How to Set Up a New HandplaneEditors PickVideo: How to Set Up a New Handplane

    with Tommy MacDonald

    Learn how to tune up a brand-new handplane straight out of the box

  • Buying Old ToolsBuying Old Tools

    by Matthew Teague

    The used-tool market is a fertile place to find quality hand tools for affordable prices. Furniture maker Matthew Teague offers a road map to those just dipping ...

  • Sharpen a Marking Gauge CutterVideo: Sharpen a Marking Gauge Cutter

    with Scott Gibson

    Improve a pin-style marking gauge to mark clean lines across grain

  • Build a Plane From a KitBuild a Plane From a Kit

    by Matt Berger

    Ever dreamed about planing wafer-thin wood shavings with a handplane you built yourself? Two editors, intrigued by a planemaker's sales pitch, set out to do just ...

  • Modify Your Marking GaugeVideo: Modify Your Marking Gauge

    with Scott Gibson

    Pin-style marking gauges have a single cutter that will work better with a couple of quick fixes

  • Using Shoulder PlanesVideo: Using Shoulder Planes

    with Chris Gochnour

    Suited for a variety of tasks, these tools can cleanly cut cross-grain, long-grain, and end-grain wood

  • Using the FastTrack Honing Guide with Diamond PasteVideo: Using the FastTrack Honing Guide with Diamond Paste

    with Aimé Ontario Fraser

    Learn how to maintain the same honing angle for each iron

  • Using Your SpokeshaveVideo: Using Your Spokeshave

    with Brian Boggs

    Even a well-tuned shave requires practice to master

  • Handplane Tune-upHandplane Tune-up

    by David Charlesworth

    Frustrated because the new handplane you bought doesnt give you the fine shavings you expected? David Charlesworth shares a trade secreta new handplane should be ...

  • User's Guide to Block PlanesUser's Guide to Block Planes

    by Chris Gochnour

    A finely tuned block plane is a pleasure to use, according to furniture maker and woodworking instructor Chris Gochnour. Quiet, efficient, and precise, it leaves ...

  • Japanese Planes DemystifiedJapanese Planes Demystified

    by Carl Swensson

    When it comes time for fine handwork, the author finds Japanese planes superior. Carl Swensson, who teaches hand-tool techniques and builds furniture, finds that ...

  • Rabbet Planes Are Real Shop WorkhorsesRabbet Planes Are Real Shop Workhorses

    by Garrett Hack

    From cutting and fitting rabbets and dadoes to making final adjustments to tenons, rabbet planes have no equal, writes Garrett Hack. There are dozens of types, ...

  • Using a SpokeshaveUsing a Spokeshave

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Mario Rodriguez works quickly, quietly, and effectively at shaving inside curves, cleaning up cabriole legs, shaping Windsor chair seats, and fine-tuning spindles. ...

  • Block PlanesBlock Planes

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Mario Rodriguez has plenty of specialty planes, but he says he usually reaches for his block plane. It’s small and handy, compact and light. To evaluate what’s ...

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