• Image not available3821-01 12-in Chopsaw

    by Marc Adams

    Street price: $220Accuracy of cut: PoorQuality of cut: PoorThis saw has too many problems for us to recommend it. The guard had to be removed completely to change ...

  • Image not availableBTCK410L2 Drill and Impact Driver Kit

    by Peter Breu

    Bostitch's new 18-volt drill and impact driver are the company’s first foray into cordless power tools. The tools have plenty of power, are well-balanced and comfortable ...

  • Image not availableCM12 12-in Chopsaw

    by Marc Adams

    Street price: $330Accuracy of cut: ExcellentQuality of cut: ExcellentThe first thing we noticed about the Bosch were deep milling marks on the table. These turn ...

  • Image not availableCPJK-041 Planer Blades for DeWalt 735

    by Bill Peck

    Infinity Tools Claims its carbide-tipped replacement knives for the DeWalt 735 planer will last significantly longer than high-speed-steel (HSS) knives. We have ...

  • Image not availableDW715 12-in Chopsaw

    by Marc Adams

    Street price: $270Accuracy of cut: GoodQuality of cut: GoodIf you don’t need your miter saw to make furniture-quality cuts, there is a lot to like about the DeWalt. ...

  • Image not availableLS1221 12-in Chopsaw

    by Marc Adams

    Street price: $315Accuracy of cut: Very goodQuality of cut: ExcellentThis is the most solidly built saw, with more metal parts and thicker castings than the others. ...

  • Image not availablePRP-4 Router Table

    by Roland Johnson

    In a head-to-head test of router tables (FWW #237), we missed the Woodpeckers PRP-4, so I recently put it through its paces. The first thing that stands out is ...

  • Image not availableR4120 12-in Chopsaw

    by Marc Adams

    Street price: $300Accuracy of cut: GoodQuality of cut: FairThe Ridgid has good points but too many negatives. The dust port is among the largest and most effective, ...

  • Image not availableSuper Chute Shooting Board

    by Matt Kenney

    I use a shooting board all the time to trim end grain and true up miters. Through the years, I’ve made a lot of them. My shopmade versions have worked great, but ...

  • Image not availableJWBS-14SF 14-in. Bandsaw

    by Roland Johnson

    With its massive resaw capacity and well-designed fence, Jet’s new 14-in. bandsaw is impressive. The bandsaw can resaw boards up to 13-1/2 in. wide, the largest ...

  • Image not availablePocket-Hole Jig

    by Mark Edmundson

    As a professional cabinetry and furniture maker, I have used the Kreg Jig extensively to create pocket-hole joints. Kreg’s latest jig, the K5, is a big improvement ...

  • Image not availableSash Saw

    by Chris Gochnour

    All of the large tenon saws I’ve used are heavy and cut with a wide kerf. But the Gramercy Tools 14-in. sash saw has qualities not found in other big saws. It is ...

  • Image not availableThroat Plate No. 100-335

    by Bill Peck

    Infinity Tools is now selling a zero-clearance throat plate for SawStop tablesaws ($110,, No. 100-335). The aluminum plate has replaceable melamine-covered ...

  • Image not available12-in. Bowsaw

    by Chris Gochnour

    Source: toolsforworkingwood.comStreet Price: $150Blade Tension*: 0.260 in.Dovetails: Very goodCoping: Very goodCutting Curves: ExcellentBlade Changes: Very goodBlade ...

  • Image not available14/Twelve Bandsaw

    by Roland Johnson

    Last winter, while touring with The Woodworking Shows, I saw a prototype of the Laguna 14/Twelve bandsaw and was impressed. Now, after using a production model ...

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