• Tool Test: Midsize Fixed-Base RoutersTool Test: Midsize Fixed-Base Routers

    by Marc Adams

    On its own or teamed up with shopmade jigs, a fixed-base router can drill, shape, size, plane, and cut wood similar to the way big stationary equipment can. A midsize ...

  • 4 Jigs for a Fixed-Base Router4 Jigs for a Fixed-Base Router

    by Marc Adams

    A fixed-base router will likely be the first one you buy, and it's idea for use with a variety of jigs. From a simple straightedge with a flip-up fence to a shopmade ...

  • Domino Joining System Changes the GameDomino Joining System Changes the Game

    by Tim Celeski

    The introduction of Festool's Domino revolutionized the way Tim Celeski makes furniture. This handheld mortising machine has a spiral bit that plunges into the ...

  • How to Choose Your First RouterHow to Choose Your First Router

    by Marc Adams

    Looking to buy your first router? Wonderful though it can be, the router can be an intimidating tool. It turns on with a scream, leaving the operator holding onto ...

  • Tool Test: Turbine HVLP Spray SystemsTool Test: Turbine HVLP Spray Systems

    by Teri Masaschi

    If you’ve considered setting up a spray system for your shop, turbine-powered HVLP systems are the way to go. They take up almost no floor space when you’re not ...

  • How to Use DividersHow to Use Dividers

    by Steve Latta

    Drawboring a mortise-and-tenon joint means offsetting the hole in the tenon so that the pin pulls the parts together tightly—and permanently. If your tenon shoulders ...

  • Tool Test: Benchtop MortisersTool Test: Benchtop Mortisers

    by Roland Johnson

    The hollow-chisel mortiser cuts square holes quickly and accurately. The machine’s head is fitted with a square, hollow chisel with a drill bit running through ...

  • How to Sharpen Hollow Chisel Mortising BitsVideo: How to Sharpen Hollow Chisel Mortising Bits

    with Bob Van Dyke

    Learn to sharpen your hollow chisels for cleaner mortises

  • An Introduction to Card ScrapersVideo: An Introduction to Card Scrapers

    with Garrett Hack

    Learn how to use and sharpen this essential hand tool

  • The Best Bits for Pattern-RoutingThe Best Bits for Pattern-Routing

    by Steve Latta

    Curved work is no problem when you use a router and a template, as long as you have the right bit. Those looking to choose a bearing-guide router bit face what ...

  • Tool Test: Coping SawsTool Test: Coping Saws

    by Chris Gochnour

    Coping saws are great for quickly getting rid of the waste between dovetails, sawing curves on any project, or coping moldings. In this tool test, Chris Gochnour  ...

  • Digital Angle GaugesDigital Angle Gauges

    by Ben Blackmar

    Digital angle gauges, also called inclinometers, measure the angle of tilt after being zeroed to a reference surface. They have a magnetized base that makes them ...

  • Tool Test: Router LiftsTool Test: Router Lifts

    by Roland Johnson

    Changing router bits and adjusting the height are two things you'll do a lot when using a router table. Both tasks can be frustrating, requiring you to reach under ...

  • Tool Test: Router TablesTool Test: Router Tables

    by Roland Johnson

    Mounted in a table, a router can spin out perfect sliding dovetails, and tenons that fit their mortises straight from the table. You can also rout more consistent ...

  • Tool Test: Biscuit JoinersTool Test: Biscuit Joiners

    by Tony O'Malley

    Increasingly common in woodworking shops, the biscuit joiner is a versatile and easy-to-use tool for numerous jobs, from assembling and attaching face frames to ...

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