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  • Tool Test: Miter GaugesTool Test: Miter Gauges

    by Chris Gochnour

    A crucial tablesaw accessory, the miter gauge ensures safe, accurate crosscuts on boards and small panels and is great for joinery cuts, too. But the stock gauge ...

  • 4 Jigs for a Fixed-Base Router4 Jigs for a Fixed-Base Router

    by Marc Adams

    A fixed-base router will likely be the first one you buy, and it's idea for use with a variety of jigs. From a simple straightedge with a flip-up fence to a shopmade ...

  • Tool Test: Router LiftsTool Test: Router Lifts

    by Roland Johnson

    Changing router bits and adjusting the height are two things you'll do a lot when using a router table. Both tasks can be frustrating, requiring you to reach under ...

  • Tool Test: Router TablesTool Test: Router Tables

    by Roland Johnson

    Mounted in a table, a router can spin out perfect sliding dovetails, and tenons that fit their mortises straight from the table. You can also rout more consistent ...

  • Tool Test: Bandsaw FencesTool Test: Bandsaw Fences

    by Asa Christiana

    If perfect resaw cuts are your goal, consider upgrading your bandsaw's stock rip fence with an aftermarket model. There are plenty of solid ones out there. For ...

  • Dado Jig Tackles Shelves of Any ThicknessVideo: Dado Jig Tackles Shelves of Any Thickness

    with Steve Scott

    Learn how this fully adjustable, easy-to-use jig works

  • Riving-knife retrofit not an option for most tablesawsQ & A: Riving-knife retrofit not an option for most tablesaws

    by John White

  • Tool Test: Sanding DisksTool Test: Sanding Disks

    by Andy Beasley

    Using a random-orbit sander is a tedious job, but essential to many woodworking jobs. A rushed job or an inferior product can ruin hours of careful woodworking, ...

  • Heavy-Duty Plunge RoutersHeavy-Duty Plunge Routers

    by Gregory Paolini

    3-hp routers have the raw power needed to cut great mortises, profile edges, shape wood to a template, cut dadoes and rabbets, and more. But because these routers ...

  • Can Foam Brushes Apply a Fine Finish?Q & A: Can Foam Brushes Apply a Fine Finish?

    by Mark Schofield

  • On the Bandsaw, Stick with Skip-Tooth BladesQ & A: On the Bandsaw, Stick with Skip-Tooth Blades

    by Michael C. Fortune

  • The Best BrushesThe Best Brushes

    by Mark Schofield

    On the surface, a brush is nothing more than a tool for spreading finish. But the correct brush can open up new finishing horizons for any woodworker who normally ...

  • The Lathe Accessory Everyone NeedsThe Lathe Accessory Everyone Needs

    by Ralph Tursini

    You've purchased a lathe and a decent set of turning gouges. You've started to turn. Now that you're serious about turning, what should be your next big purchase? ...

  • Everyone Needs a Moisture MeterEveryone Needs a Moisture Meter

    by Roland Johnson

    Knowing how much moisture is trapped in a board helps you during the milling process, when fitting parts, and even when making repairs. And the easiest way to determine ...

  • Image not availablePin-type Moisture Meters for Under $200

    by Roland Johnson

    A review of pin-type moisture meters

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