Skills and Techniques

  • Image not availableEasy Chuck

    by Mike Mahoney

    Since its introduction in the 1980s, the four-jaw chuck has improved all realms of turning—not just hollow vessels—giving turners multiple options for mounting ...

  • Fillister Plane Cuts Quick Rabbets and MoreFillister Plane Cuts Quick Rabbets and More

    by Chris Gochnour

    A fillister plane, sometimes called a rabbet plane, can be used to cut a rabbet very quickly, without all the hassle of changing blades or bits and setting up the ...

  • Image not availableDiamond Plates

    by Chris Gochnour

    For rapid stock removal, it's hard to beat diamond plates. And the Japanese-made Atoma diamond plates are some of the best I’ve used. They come in three different ...

  • Image not availableString Inlay Tool

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Federal period furniture features delicate, contrasting stringing, a detail that is beautiful in more contemporary work too. But anyone contemplating such projects ...

  • Image not availableCarbide Mini Turning Tool Set

    by Mike Mahoney

    One of the challenges Of learning to turn wood is learning to sharpen the tools. Traditional turning tools require complicated bevel angles and finely ground cutting ...

  • Plane Blades and Chisels Need a Flat and Polished BackPlane Blades and Chisels Need a Flat and Polished Back

    by Chris Gochnour

    A sharp-cutting plane blade or chisel depends upon the meeting between two flat, polished surfaces. That's why you need to pay as much attention to the backs of ...

  • Upgrade Your Jointer with a Segmented CutterheadEditors PickVideo: Upgrade Your Jointer with a Segmented Cutterhead

    with Roland Johnson

    Learn step-by-step techniques for upgrading a jointer with a state-of-the-art segmented cutterhead

  • How to Master the Plunge RouterEditors PickHow to Master the Plunge Router

    by Gregory Paolini

    When it comes to getting the most from your plunge router, it makes sense to go a routing guru like Gregory Paolini. He has more routers than most woodworkers, ...

  • Dado Jig Tackles Shelves of Any ThicknessVideo: Dado Jig Tackles Shelves of Any Thickness

    with Steve Scott

    Learn how this fully adjustable, easy-to-use jig works

  • Need a Smoothing Plane? Start Small, Then Go BigQ & A: Need a Smoothing Plane? Start Small, Then Go Big

    by Chris Gochnour

  • How to Use a Height GaugeVideo: How to Use a Height Gauge

    with Mark Schofield

    Learn how to dial in more precise machinery set-ups by using a height gauge.

  • Heavy-Duty Plunge RoutersHeavy-Duty Plunge Routers

    by Gregory Paolini

    3-hp routers have the raw power needed to cut great mortises, profile edges, shape wood to a template, cut dadoes and rabbets, and more. But because these routers ...

  • Use a Bench Chisel to Square Mortise CornersQ & A: Use a Bench Chisel to Square Mortise Corners

    by Michael Pekovich

  • How to Troubleshoot a Spray GunHow to Troubleshoot a Spray Gun

    by Jeff Jewitt

    When everything works correctly, a spray gun delivers a thin, even coating of finish that makes furniture look fantastic. But what to do when everything is not ...

  • Do More with Your Dado SetDo More with Your Dado Set

    by Steve Latta

    The dado set is a great tablesaw accessory that is unmatched at a variety of operations-grooving, dadoing, rabbeting, and tenoning-but you must use it properly ...

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