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Sharpening Techniques

The tremendous variety of cutting tools found in a woodworking shop has helped to create a similar variety of sharpening systems. They range from the plain to the exotic, and almost always rely on some kind of abrasive material. What Counts: • Type
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  • Sharpening MachinesSharpening Machines

    by Tim Albers

    It's easy to be attracted by the host of machines on the market that promise to help make the task of sharpening tools faster, easier, and more accurate. These ...

  • Inside Sharpening StonesInside Sharpening Stones

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack delves into the history and manufacture of natural and man-made sharpening stones. He offers suggestions on which type of stones to get, along with ...

  • A User's Guide to WaterstonesA User's Guide to Waterstones

    by David Charlesworth

    The more proficient you are at sharpening a blade, the more likely you are to keep your tools sharp. And sharp tools will help you raise the quality of your projects. ...

  • Honing Guides Aren't Just for WimpsHoning Guides Aren't Just for Wimps

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Developing honing skills requires a great investment of time and discipline unless you use a honing guide. In this article, Mario Rodriguez assesses four popular ...

  • A New Angle on WhetstonesA New Angle on Whetstones

    by Gerald Polmateer

    Gerald Polmateer takes a look at the care and use of oilstones and waterstones and the advantages and disadvantages of each. He discusses storage, care, and use, ...

  • Grinding Wheel PrimerGrinding Wheel Primer

    by Jerry Glaser

    Jerry Glaser says good results on a bench grinder depend on having the proper grinding wheel for tool steel. You’ll also need a means of keeping the wheel dressed, ...

  • The Humble ScraperThe Humble Scraper

    by Stephen Proctor

    “Scraper” seems a poor term for such a fine tool, a tool capable of the finest of cuts and the heights of accuracy, writes Stephen Proctor. He outlines the various ...

  • Japanese BladesJapanese Blades

    by Toshio Odate

    Toshio Odate describes his early training as an apprentice in Japan and the painful, but lasting, lessons he learned there. Then he describes Japanese blades, how ...

  • The DrawknifeThe Drawknife

    by Drew Langsner

    Drew Langsner says drawknives are among the most versatile tools available to woodworkers, because they’re fast and easy to use for roughing out stock and for some ...

  • The ScraperThe Scraper

    by Tage Frid

    Wherever Tage Frid lectures on woodworking, people want him to demonstrate the care and use of a scraper. Here, he does just that, with a couple pages of explanations ...

  • Micro BevelsMicro Bevels

    by R. Bruce Hoadley

    Sometimes the most basic and obvious principles escape our attention. A good example is microsharpening, a concept that can be used to advantage by every woodworker ...

  • Bench StonesBench Stones

    by Paul Roman

    The woodworker planning to acquire new sharpening stones for chisels, plane irons and the like has quite a variety to choose from. This article explains the differences ...

  • How to Sharpen a Card ScraperEditors PickHow to Sharpen a Card Scraper

    by Michael Pekovich

    Learn how to avoid the two most common mistakes woodworkers make when sharpening a card scraper

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