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Routers - Laminate Trimmers

Whole books have been written about routers and how to use them, and many woodworking shops have a collection of these tools designated for different kinds of work. Routers range in size from laminate trimmers that can be used with one hand to production
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  • Tool Test: Trim RoutersTool Test: Trim Routers

    by Gregory Paolini

    No longer designed for the single carpentry task of trimming countertop laminate, trim routers have evolved into tools that are perfectly suited to a variety of ...

  • Buying and Using Trim RoutersVideo: Buying and Using Trim Routers

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how these small routers can be used in furniture making and get tips on how to select the right trim router for your shop

  • Replacing Router BrushesVideo: Replacing Router Brushes

    with John White

    A router with badly worn brushes won't run well; here are some maintenance tips

  • All About RoutersAll About Routers

    by Scott Gibson

  • Laminate TrimmersLaminate Trimmers

    by Kim Carleton Graves

    How many routers does one woodworker need? Kim Carleton Graves thought four was enough until he had to rout into a corner one day. Then he decided to add a laminate ...

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Makita - RT0700CX3 Trim-Router Kit

The Makita RT0700CX3 Compact Router Kit comes with a variable speed, 1/4-in.-collet, a 1-1/4 hp router motor, and multiple bases

Makita - 3709 Trim Router

The Makita 3709 is a compact, solid tool with nice handling, a clear plastic which allows great visibility, a conventional fence and a sturdy bearing guide

Grizzly Industrial - H7791 Trim Router

The H7791 trim router by Grizzly is a great choice for rounding over edges.

Festool - MFK 700 Trim Router

(1 user review)

Ryobi - TR45K Trim Router

The Ryobi TR45K trim router's height is adjusted by pushing the motor in or pulling it out.

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