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Router Tables

Routers get much of their versatility from the wide assortment of bits, guides, and work tables that are available for them. Although many jigs and fixtures can be made in the shop, sophisticated accessories are readily available from a variety of manufacturers. What
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  • Tool Test: Router TablesTool Test: Router Tables

    by Roland Johnson

    Mounted in a table, a router can spin out perfect sliding dovetails, and tenons that fit their mortises straight from the table. You can also rout more consistent ...

  • Sorting Out Straight Router BitsSorting Out Straight Router Bits

    by Jeff Miller

    Two flutes or one, spiral or straight, bearing guided? Discover the best bits for any routing task.

  • Tool Test: Routers for Router TablesTool Test: Routers for Router Tables

    by Roland Johnson

    Mounting a router in a table gives precise control over a wide variety of work, using bits that would otherwise be too big to use safely, and allowing the use of ...

  • Woodpecker Router Table is a Good ValueWoodpecker Router Table is a Good Value

    by Roland Johnson

    Feature-rich fence and adjustable base make this a good shop addition

  • Router TablesRouter Tables

    by Roland Johnson

    One of the most useful tools in the shop, a router becomes even more useful when mounted in a table. So equipped, this valuable tool becomes a mini-shaper that ...

  • All About Router AccessoriesAll About Router Accessories

    by Scott Gibson

  • A Survey of Router TablesA Survey of Router Tables

    by John White

    Fine Woodworking’s John White evaluates 15 router tables for their features, tabletop size, stability, prices, mounting ease, fence quality, type of baseplate, ...

  • The Pin RouterThe Pin Router

    by Dennis R. Wilson

    The overarm router is basically a shaper with the cutting tool above the table. Not only can it shape and mold the outside edge of stock, it can also plunge-cut, ...

  • Capture More Dust from Your Router TableEditors PickVideo: Capture More Dust from Your Router Table

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how to ramp up your router table's dust collection capability

  • Quick Change Collets Make Routing EasierVideo: Quick Change Collets Make Routing Easier

    with Roland Johnson

    Toss away your wrenches and change router bits with the twist of an allen wrench

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Portamate - PM-P254

Pared-down router for table use

Kreg Tool Co. - PRS1015 Router Table Fence

T-square fence for the router table

Woodtek - 966-007 Router Table

Easily and accurately adjusted by means of a crank handle inserted through the top

Woodpeckers Inc. - PRP-4 Router Table

Solid-phenolic top, 27 in. wide by 43 in. long

JessEm - Rout-R-Lift II Complete Table System

Includes the lift, the Mast-R-Top, Rout-R-Fence, a sturdy stand, a power switch, and featherboards

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