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Power Tools

  • Tool Test: Get a Drill and Impact Driver for LessTool Test: Get a Drill and Impact Driver for Less

    by Kit Camp

    Finish carpenter and cabinetmaker Kit Camp reviewed compact, 12-volt drill/impact driver sets that can handle just about anything you throw at them. For a woodworking ...

  • Tool Test: Oscillating Spindle SandersTool Test: Oscillating Spindle Sanders

    by Bill Peck

    For sanding the edges of curved pieces and cleaning up pattern-routed work, oscillating spindle sanders are handy machines. The movement of the sanding drum helps ...

  • Tool Test: Midsize Fixed-Base RoutersTool Test: Midsize Fixed-Base Routers

    by Marc Adams

    On its own or teamed up with shopmade jigs, a fixed-base router can drill, shape, size, plane, and cut wood similar to the way big stationary equipment can. A midsize ...

  • 4 Jigs for a Fixed-Base Router4 Jigs for a Fixed-Base Router

    by Marc Adams

    A fixed-base router will likely be the first one you buy, and it's idea for use with a variety of jigs. From a simple straightedge with a flip-up fence to a shopmade ...

  • Domino Joining System Changes the GameDomino Joining System Changes the Game

    by Tim Celeski

    The introduction of Festool's Domino revolutionized the way Tim Celeski makes furniture. This handheld mortising machine has a spiral bit that plunges into the ...

  • How to Choose Your First RouterHow to Choose Your First Router

    by Marc Adams

    Looking to buy your first router? Wonderful though it can be, the router can be an intimidating tool. It turns on with a scream, leaving the operator holding onto ...

  • Tool Test: Router LiftsTool Test: Router Lifts

    by Roland Johnson

    Changing router bits and adjusting the height are two things you'll do a lot when using a router table. Both tasks can be frustrating, requiring you to reach under ...

  • Tool Test: Router TablesTool Test: Router Tables

    by Roland Johnson

    Mounted in a table, a router can spin out perfect sliding dovetails, and tenons that fit their mortises straight from the table. You can also rout more consistent ...

  • Tool Test: Biscuit JoinersTool Test: Biscuit Joiners

    by Tony O'Malley

    Increasingly common in woodworking shops, the biscuit joiner is a versatile and easy-to-use tool for numerous jobs, from assembling and attaching face frames to ...

  • Tool Test: 18v Brushless Impact DriversTool Test: 18v Brushless Impact Drivers

    by AuthorID: 0 could not be found

    Impact drivers have two major advantages over traditional drill/drivers: lighter weight and much higher torque. And the impact action makes big screws seem to melt ...

  • Tool Test: Bench Grinders for WoodworkersTool Test: Bench Grinders for Woodworkers

    by Chris Gochnour

    Chris Gochnour usually review hand tools, but since bench grinders play such a vital role in keeping tools sharp, he was up for the challenge of evaluating a pool ...

  • Tool Test: Sanding DisksTool Test: Sanding Disks

    by Andy Beasley

    Using a random-orbit sander is a tedious job, but essential to many woodworking jobs. A rushed job or an inferior product can ruin hours of careful woodworking, ...

  • Why You Need a Benchtop SanderWhy You Need a Benchtop Sander

    by Roland Johnson

    It may not be the star of your workshop, but a benchtop sander handles some jobs better than any other tool. Here, Roland Johnson looks at the types of benchtop ...

  • Tool Test: Trim RoutersTool Test: Trim Routers

    by Gregory Paolini

    No longer designed for the single carpentry task of trimming countertop laminate, trim routers have evolved into tools that are perfectly suited to a variety of ...

  • Buying and Using Trim RoutersVideo: Buying and Using Trim Routers

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how these small routers can be used in furniture making and get tips on how to select the right trim router for your shop

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