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Lathes serve a variety of woodworkers, from those who work exclusively on miniature turnings like pen barrels and Christmas tree ornaments to bowl turners to furniture makers who need a lathe only occasionally for making a knobs for a cabinet or a set
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  • Tool Test: Heavy-Duty Benchtop LathesTool Test: Heavy-Duty Benchtop Lathes

    by Tim Albers

    We test the new breed of midsize benchtop lathes, which have beefier castings, larger motors, and more swing over the bed than older midi-lathes. For furniture ...

  • Tool Guide 2009Tool Guide 2009

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Free online extras from our newsstand-only publication featuring expert tool reviews, videos, and articles

  • Tool Test: Heavy-Duty LathesTool Test: Heavy-Duty Lathes

    by Andy Barnum

    As interest in wood turning has grown, the lathes on the market have grown more sophisticated. Today's crop of heavy-duty lathes typically comes with electronic ...

  • Lathes for Turning Big BowlsVideo: Lathes for Turning Big Bowls

    with Andy Barnum

    See how today's heavy-duty lathes are designed to handle large-scale work from bed posts to big burls

  • Head to Head: Midi-LathesHead to Head: Midi-Lathes

    by Matt Berger

    Light-weight lathes from Rikon and Steel City Tool Works a good size for furniture making

  • Book Review: Lathe FundamentalsBook Review: Lathe Fundamentals

    by David Heim

    Popular Mechanics Workshop: Lathe Fundamentals, The Complete Guide

  • Homemade Lathe on a BudgetHomemade Lathe on a Budget

    by Matt Berger

    Retired engineer builds a bowl-turning lathe from scrap parts and a headstock purchased on eBay

  • A Reliable Lathe DuplicatorVideo: A Reliable Lathe Duplicator

    with Ernie Conover

    Reproduce matching parts on the lathe every time with Vega's duplicator

  • Powermatic Beefs Up Its LatheVideo: Powermatic Beefs Up Its Lathe

    with Ernie Conover

    A series of upgrades to the 3520 are handy for wood turners

  • All About LathesAll About Lathes

    by Scott Gibson

  • Tool Test: Midi-lathesTool Test: Midi-lathes

    by Andy Barnum

    Bench-size midi-lathes make cost and space less of an issue than in the past when deciding whether to add a lathe to your shop. In this article, students at the ...

  • Basic Guide to Buying a LatheBasic Guide to Buying a Lathe

    by Jon Siegel

    As with buying any tool, it’s the economies you later regret, not the extravagances. Professional turner Jon Siegel tells you what to look for: The height and structure ...

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