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Lathes - Standard

Lathes serve a variety of woodworkers, from those who work exclusively on miniature turnings like pen barrels and Christmas tree ornaments to bowl turners to furniture makers who need a lathe only occasionally for making a knobs for a cabinet or a set
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  • A Reliable Lathe DuplicatorVideo: A Reliable Lathe Duplicator

    with Ernie Conover

    Reproduce matching parts on the lathe every time with Vega's duplicator

  • Basic Guide to Buying a LatheBasic Guide to Buying a Lathe

    by Jon Siegel

    As with buying any tool, it’s the economies you later regret, not the extravagances. Professional turner Jon Siegel tells you what to look for: The height and structure ...

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Oneway Manufacturing - 1236SD Lathe

(1 user review)

The new Oneway lathe works as a conventional stand-up machine, but it also can be rotated 90° and used while sitting

Teknatool International - Nova DVR 3000 Lathe

(2 user reviews)

The Nova DVR lathe features a digital variable reluctance motor (DVR) with electronic speed control and a rotating headstock for outboard turning.

Delta - 16-in. Lathe 46-745

This general-purpose lathe from Delta features a steel body and 1-1/2 hp motor.

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