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Rough lumber is just that -- rough lumber. It often comes with dimensional distortions like twists and warps. A jointer corrects these problems and produces lumber that’s truly ready to be worked -- straight, flat and square. What Counts: • Flatness
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  • Jointer Tune-upJointer Tune-up

    by John White

    John White, Fine Woodworking’s shop manager, dissects the jointer and explains its parts and how to tune it up. You’ll need feeler gauges, a small try square, and ...

  • Six-Inch Jointers, Head to HeadSix-Inch Jointers, Head to Head

    by Charley Robinson

    If you’re having trouble getting tight joints, square corners, and flat surfaces, chances are you’re either having a jointer problem or you’re without a jointer, ...

  • The JointerThe Jointer

    by Bernard Maas

    Bernard Maas says that without a jointer, the other tools in the shop can’t fulfill their potential for precision work. He explains what a jointer is, how it’s ...

  • Jointer TalkJointer Talk

    by Jim Cummins

    After Jim Cummins set up one of his jointers for finish work, he realized how his work habits influence the machine’s performance. He details how he reads his machines ...

  • How to Shim a JointerEditors PickVideo: How to Shim a Jointer

    with Ben Blackmar

    Learn how to fix a sagging outfeed table on your jointer

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Powermatic - Helical Cutterhead

This cutterhead can be used with several Jet and Powermatic jointerss, planers, and planer/jointers.

Byrd Tool Corp. - Byrd Shelix

(5 user reviews)

The Byrd Shelix cutterhead can be retrofitted to fit many different machines.

Grizzly Industrial - Spiral Cutterhead

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Although Grizzly’s cutters face forward, they are arranged in spiral rows.

Shinmax Industrry Co. LTD. - Accu-Head

The teeth on the Accu-Head face forward, and are arranged in a steep spiral with the teeth staggered for overlapped cutting.

Laguna - ShearTec II

ShearTec II cutterheads can be used with Laguna planers, jointers and planer/jointers.

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