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Jointer-Planer Combos

Rough lumber is just that -- rough lumber. It often comes with dimensional distortions like twists and warps. A jointer corrects these problems and produces lumber that’s truly ready to be worked -- straight, flat and square. What Counts: • Flatness
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Hammer - A3 31 Jointer/Planer Combo Machine

(8 user reviews)

Hammer's jointer planer features cartridge knife inserts that are easy to change, a Euro-style cutterhead guard and a 50 in. long jointer bed

Hammer - 12-in. Jointer-Planer

The 12-in.-wide A3 31 is available equipped with the optional “Silent Power” segmented cutterhead with carbide teeth

Rikon - 25-200 Jointer/Planer Combo Machine

The fence on Rikon's 25-200 jointer/planer combo machine remains on the machine during changeover, but it must be moved to its rearmost position.

Jet - JJP-12 Jointer/Combo Machine

(1 user review)

Jet's JJP-12 Jointer/Combo takes just 21 seconds to go from jointer to planer.

Rikon - 25-010 Jointer/Planer Combo Machine

(1 user review)

Despite its small size, the 25-010 jointer/planer from Rikon handles big workpieces well.

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