Joinery - Fine Woodworking Tool Guide


  • Fillister Plane Cuts Quick Rabbets and MoreFillister Plane Cuts Quick Rabbets and More

    by Chris Gochnour

    A fillister plane, sometimes called a rabbet plane, can be used to cut a rabbet very quickly, without all the hassle of changing blades or bits and setting up the ...

  • Dado Jig Tackles Shelves of Any ThicknessVideo: Dado Jig Tackles Shelves of Any Thickness

    with Steve Scott

    Learn how this fully adjustable, easy-to-use jig works

  • Heavy-Duty Plunge RoutersHeavy-Duty Plunge Routers

    by Gregory Paolini

    3-hp routers have the raw power needed to cut great mortises, profile edges, shape wood to a template, cut dadoes and rabbets, and more. But because these routers ...

  • Use a Bench Chisel to Square Mortise CornersQ & A: Use a Bench Chisel to Square Mortise Corners

    by Michael Pekovich

  • Joinery ShootoutJoinery Shootout

    by Thomas McKenna

    When designing a piece of furniture, how do you decide on the joinery? Chances are aesthetics, efficiency, and available tools factor into the decision. But so ...

  • Bench Chisels Can Do MortisesVideo: Bench Chisels Can Do Mortises

    with Garrett Hack

    Learn to cut perfect mortises with a combination of hand and power tools in part five of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • Festool Joinery System Takes on MortisesVideo: Festool Joinery System Takes on Mortises

    with Asa Christiana

    New joinery system combines the strength of mortise-and-tenon joints with the ease of a biscuit joiner

  • Basics of a Half-Blind Dovetail JigVideo: Basics of a Half-Blind Dovetail Jig

    with Fred Sotcher

    After testing seven popular models, we show you how to set one up to cut drawer dovetails

  • Top Picks in Dovetail JigsVideo: Top Picks in Dovetail Jigs

    with Tim Albers

    Find out the best features to look for when shopping for a router dovetail jig based on our review of 11 popular models

  • Dovetail SawsDovetail Saws

    by Chris Gochnour

    It's hard to beat hand-cut dovetails for adding beauty, strength, and detail to a project. But mastering the dovetail saw requires perseverance, and it's important ...

  • Using Shoulder PlanesVideo: Using Shoulder Planes

    with Chris Gochnour

    Suited for a variety of tasks, these tools can cleanly cut cross-grain, long-grain, and end-grain wood

  • Using the Leigh Frame Mortise and Tenon JigVideo: Using the Leigh Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig

    with Michael Standish

    Compact to the point of being portable, this router jig is exceptionally smooth and precise

  • Joint-Making MachinesJoint-Making Machines

    by Michael Standish

    Why buy a factory-made jig to make mortise-and-tenon joints when you can make serviceable alternatives? Michael Standish reviews several brands to justify the use ...

  • Biscuit JoinersBiscuit Joiners

    by Roland Johnson

    Roland Johnson assesses eight corded biscuit joiners to see how they compare. He evaluates them for fences, adjustability, noise, how well the biscuits fit, how ...

  • Dovetail Jig ReviewDovetail Jig Review

    by Gary Rogowski

    Gary Rogowski compares eight dovetail jigs – half-blind, through, and combination jigs – to see how easy they are to set up and how well they cut. Half-blind jigs ...

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