Furniture Types - Fine Woodworking Tool Guide

Furniture Types

  • Why You Need a Cabinet ScraperWhy You Need a Cabinet Scraper

    by Philip C. Lowe

    A bit less refined than a card scraper, a cabinet scraper is used to remove tearout and machining marks created by the jointer and planer and tracks left behind ...

  • Workbench for Any HeightWorkbench for Any Height

    by Jeff Miller

    Noden adjustable bench raises and lowers worksurface to help you work comfortably at any level

  • Making Sense of VisesMaking Sense of Vises

    by Garrett Hack

    The next best thing to an extra set of hands is a great pair of vises. Equipped with a good front vise and end vise, a workbench can meet all of a woodworker's ...

  • Folding a Bandsaw BladeVideo: Folding a Bandsaw Blade

    with John White

    It's trickier to explain than it is to do, so watch!

  • Special Tools for Crown MoldingVideo: Special Tools for Crown Molding

    with Lonnie Bird

    A tool set designed to make crown molding from solid stock

  • Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel TurningVideo: Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel Turning

    with Howard Lewin

    Drill an entrance hole, then cut from the center out for a thin-walled vessel

  • A Chisel CabinetA Chisel Cabinet

    by Frederick C. Wilbur

    Trying to find the right tool when you’re in the middle of a complicated project is not an efficient way to work. This author built a wall-mounted cabinet to house ...

  • Old Wooden PlanesOld Wooden Planes

    by Graham Blackburn

    Old wooden planes can constitute an invaluable workshop resource for today’s woodworker. Graham Blackburn begins his article by talking about how to find and how ...

  • Two ToolsTwo Tools

    by Jim Richey

    This quick article extols the virtues of simple, but valuable, tools: the planemaker's saw and small marking gauge. And you can use the saw to make the gauge. The ...

  • Wooden ClampsWooden Clamps

    by Richard Showalter

    Richard Showalter makes children's toys that collapse for easier shipping and storage. In making them, he perfected the art of making wooden screws, which paid ...

  • The Bowl GougeThe Bowl Gouge

    by Peter Child

    There are three types of woodturning gouges, writes Peter Child: one designed for bowls, one for between-center coving and small rounds, and one for roughing square ...

  • Antique ToolsAntique Tools

    by Robert Sutter

    How do you go about getting your heart's desire of tools while preserving as much of your bank account as possible? One way, writes Robert Sutter, is to go the ...

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