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R.A. Salaman’s Dictionary of Woodworking Tools devotes 17 pages to chisels -- many that would be familiar to contemporary woodworkers but many others whose long-lost purposes we can only wonder about. The sheer number of chisel varieties is a reflection
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  • Plane Blades and Chisels Need a Flat and Polished BackPlane Blades and Chisels Need a Flat and Polished Back

    by Chris Gochnour

    A sharp-cutting plane blade or chisel depends upon the meeting between two flat, polished surfaces. That's why you need to pay as much attention to the backs of ...

  • Got a Skew Chisel?Got a Skew Chisel?

    by Garrett Hack

    You can buy bevel-edge skew chisels, but it's pretty easy and very inexpensive to simply make your own. Garrett Hack demonstrates how to make a skew chisel from ...

  • The Woodwright's Favorite ToolsThe Woodwright's Favorite Tools

    by Roy Underhill

    Roy Underhill, aka The Woodwright, has a big, quirky collection of hand tools. These are his favorites -- the ones he says he'd be buried with: holdfast, scrub ...

  • Basic Chisel Set for Furniture Making?Q & A: Basic Chisel Set for Furniture Making?

    by Chris Gochnour

  • Bench ChiselsBench Chisels

    by Chris Gochnour

    Chris Gochnour takes a look at the bench chisel, that woodshop workhorse that is used for dovetailing, mortise-and-tenoning, paring, installing hinges, chamfering ...

  • Best Bench ChiselsBest Bench Chisels

    by Chris Gochnour

    Read all about the four chisels named best overall and best value in a recent FWW tool test.

  • High-End Hand-Tool Sales SurgeHigh-End Hand-Tool Sales Surge

    by Gina Eide

    A small band of boutique toolmakers experiences exponential growth fueled, in part, by the Internet

  • Bench Chisels Can Do MortisesVideo: Bench Chisels Can Do Mortises

    with Garrett Hack

    Learn to cut perfect mortises with a combination of hand and power tools in part five of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • Evaluating Low-Cost ChiselsVideo: Evaluating Low-Cost Chisels

    with Garrett Hack

    Find out when you should upgrade to high-quality chisels in part four of this 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • Understanding Japanese ChiselsVideo: Understanding Japanese Chisels

    with Garrett Hack

    Discover what makes a Japanese chisel different from the Western variety in part six of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • A Case for Two Mortise ChiselsVideo: A Case for Two Mortise Chisels

    with Garrett Hack

    Compare the chopping power of wide-blade mortise chisels and stout sash chisels in part three of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • Sharpness is in the SteelVideo: Sharpness is in the Steel

    with Garrett Hack

    Find out why some chisel hold an edge and some don't in part two of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • The Essential Chisel SetVideo: The Essential Chisel Set

    with Garrett Hack

    In the first of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels, a seasoned furniture maker discusses the eight chisels he can't live without

  • Lie-Nielsen at 25Lie-Nielsen at 25

    by Tom Begnal

    Tom Lie-Nielsen started his business in 1981, making a single model of bronze edge-plane on his kitchen table. Today, some 70 employees at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks ...

  • All About ChiselsAll About Chisels

    by Bob Smalser

    On the surface, a chisel is a simple tool -- just a cutting edge attached to a handle. But once a woodworker starts to buy and use chisels it is easy to be overwhelmed ...

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