Blades and Bits

  • The Best Bits for Pattern-RoutingThe Best Bits for Pattern-Routing

    by Steve Latta

    Curved work is no problem when you use a router and a template, as long as you have the right bit. Those looking to choose a bearing-guide router bit face what ...

  • Image not availableMarples Tablesaw Blades

    by Peter Breu

    I understand why combination tablesaw blades are so popular. For many home shops, they offer an affordable way to get both ripcuts and crosscuts with one blade. ...

  • Image not availableMortising and Chisel Bit Set

    by Roland Johnson

    Hollow-chisel mortisers can drill accurately square holes to an easily established depth with clean edges on the entrance. But the chisel and bit can plug, burn, ...

  • Image not availableLaser Kerf Saw Blade

    by Roland Johnson

    Infinity's new thin-kerf blade helps you get the most out of your prized woods, as it cuts a tiny (1⁄16 in.) kerf and leaves virtually no tearout. The 40-tooth ...

  • Image not availableUltimate Trim Bits

    by Gregory Paolini

    When I first saw Whiteside's Ultimate line of trim bits, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. These 1⁄2-in. shank, solid-carbide router bits utilize a high-angle, ...

  • Image not availableGmaxx Series

    by Peter Breu

    Ghudo, a German tool maker, recently entered the U.S. tool market with a new sawblade line called the Gmaxx series that boasts high quality with a high-value price.The ...

  • Plane Blades and Chisels Need a Flat and Polished BackPlane Blades and Chisels Need a Flat and Polished Back

    by Chris Gochnour

    A sharp-cutting plane blade or chisel depends upon the meeting between two flat, polished surfaces. That's why you need to pay as much attention to the backs of ...

  • Image not availableQuadra-Cut Router Bits

    by Gregory Paolini

    Using a router is the most efficient way to profile an edge. Unfortunately, the speed comes with a tradeoff. The cut surface is left with milling marks that need ...

  • New Blades for Track-Guided SawsNew Blades for Track-Guided Saws

    by Mark Edmundson

  • Blades for Chip-Free Cuts on Sheet GoodsBlades for Chip-Free Cuts on Sheet Goods

    by Mark Schofield

  • New Sawblades from Forrest and DeltaNew Sawblades from Forrest and Delta

    by Mark Schofield

  • Thin-Kerf Blade Needs Thin Riving KnifeQ & A: Thin-Kerf Blade Needs Thin Riving Knife

    by Bob Nash

  • SawbladesSawblades

    by Tom Walz

    Most tablesaws come equipped with a combination blade designed to make both crosscuts and ripcuts in a variety of materials. However, those blades don't excel at ...

  • A Guide to Guide BushingsA Guide to Guide Bushings

    by Gregory Paolini

    A router equipped with a guide bushing is often the simplest way to make accurate and repeatable router cuts. Used with simple shopmade templates, bushings make ...

  • Thin-Kerf Blades Are for EveryoneThin-Kerf Blades Are for Everyone

    by Roland Johnson

    Roland Johnson set out to test two widely held beliefs about thin-kerf tablesaw blades: 1) that they make it easier to cut thick stock, and 2) that they are more ...

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Irwin Industrial Tool - Marples Tablesaw Blades

Carbide tips on both blades are large enough for several resharpenings

Charles Schmidt Company - Mortising and Chisel Bit Set

(1 user review)

Can drill accurately square holes to an established depth

Whiteside Machine Co. - Ultimate Trim Bits

There are three versions: flush, with the bearing on top; pattern, with the bearing on the bottom; and combination, with bearings on top and bottom

Infinity Cutting Tools - Laser Kerf Saw Blade

The Laser Kerf Saw Blade is a 40-tooth ATB negative-hook blade with a built-in blade stiffener

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